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What are gardening gloves?  Obviously, they are gloves used for gardening.

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You will find a wide assortment of gardening glove materials available.  You will find leather, canvas, Nitrile coated, and more.

Leather Work Gloves are ideal for working in your garden or flower beds.

Pigskin is a popular leather option.  100% pigskin leather means they're naturally durable, breathable and will withstand moisture without stiffening. These gloves have you covered no matter the job, big or small.  You can also find other types of leather such as goatskin, cowhide, etc.  Synthetic leather options are also available.

Approach every outdoor project with ease when you're wearing Nitrile-Coated Gloves.  rubber-coated garden gloves will keep you protected while you weed, cut grass, plant flowers and more. Plus, the textured coating improves your grip on tools and materials and protects your hands from scrapes, thorns, and stickers.

Cotton Knit Jersey Gloves provide comfort and flexibility. The lightweight gloves provide everyday light protection and makes these gloves ideal for mulching and gardening. Made from jersey material, the gloves feature a knit wrist to keep out dirt and debris while working.  Note: would not offer as much protection for your hands as leather.

Polyester gardening gloves are another option.  They can be made from a soft, abrasion-resistant fabric, these green gardening gloves will keep your hands safe from long days out in the yard.

You can find many gardening gloves that are mix of cotton fabric and leather portions.  Premium leather and cotton provides a good abrasion resistant for many outdoor application, yet very soft to wear.

Many other gardening glove fabric options exist.  Do your further research to find the material that is best for your purposes.

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Gardening is the activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.  It is important to wear the proper gloves when participating in this fun but physically challenging pastime.