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Fishing Clothes Store Directory

fisherman clothing  BananaFish :  Products to avoid (or express!) a bad day fishing.  The tale of the BananaFish springs from long-ago fishermen and sailors who believed that bananas brought bad luck. Many, many years ago, a supply ship entered port to unload provisions for a fishing fleet's extended voyage. Among the supplies were bushels of bananas. After loading supplies, the fleet raised sail and headed for the open ocean, unaware that the banana bushels were infested with unwelcome passengers - black widow spiders! Many aboard did not return alive. Since this time, bananas have been taboo on fishing and sailing vessels and are considered to bring bad luck.

fishing clothes  Baconsdozen: they supply foul weather clothing suitable for the fishing industries and other trades.  They have also tried to give on their web site pages an insight into the fisherman's life on this side of the pond.   Address: 13 Waveney Road Lowestoft  nr321bt  United Kingdom Phone: 4401502564120 or 4401502564120 Fax:  4401502564120 Email: Contact:  Kevin Bacon: Director

fashion directory  Barrakuda Fishing bags, clothing and rod cases.

fishing clothing  Bass Chasin In Ohio Fishing apparel and fishing clothing devoted to catch and release fishing.

fashion directory  Bluefever Designs  Fishing gloves by Bluefever Designs.

fashion directory  Fishermen's Choice Fishing T-Shirts  Screened designs of Hawaiian game fish printed on T-shirts.

apparel  Fishing Clothing by O'Keefe's Reef : Fishing guide shirts, t-shirts, hats, jackets, polos, afghans and stool covers featuring embroidered and printed fish designs.

fashion directory  Embroidered fishing shirts, hats, outerwear and other items.

fishing apparel  Fishing shirts and caps.

fashion directory  Fishworks Proven Products : Clothing for sportfishermen.

fashion directory  HotFish Hardcore Fishing Apparel   HotFish offers a variety of fish, each with their own hardcore personality and attitude.

fashion directory  Nanascloset Fishing apparel from wadders to vest.

fashion directory  Ocean Rider Fishing sandals, caps and belts.

fashion directory  Top Gear Recreational Fishing Shirts  Clothing wholesaler specialising in adventure wear for tourists and recreational anglers.

fashion directory  Ties for the fisherman.

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