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A pet is a companion animal. Pets are animals kept primarily for a person's company or entertainment rather than as a working animal or livestock.  Fabulous pets include dogs, cats, birds, horses, and a wide variety of others.  If you want to be truly fashionable, be sure your pet is well dresses as well.

fashion directory  Baxterboo: in their quest for the perfect dog clothes, they have sniffed the crotches of designers in New York, France and Italy to bring you only the absolute finest in designer dog clothing. You're welcome. BaxterBoo has the world's largest selection of dog clothes. Possibly even the universe's largest selection of dog clothes.

fashion directory  Chewy: as you fill up the trunk with tents and strap the kayak on top of the car, don't forget to grab all your dog camping gear, dog winter coat, dog raincoat, dog cooling vest, dog jacket, SPF dog clothes, dog backpack and more. After all, you don't want to leave your pup out in the cold, rain or heat. Launched in 2011, they offer the personalized service of a neighborhood pet store alongside the convenience and speed of e-commerce. Customers love shopping their wide selection of products of more than 45,000 items (including our Private brands and prescription Rx food and Rx medication products), which they offer at competitive prices, fast 1-2 day shipping and around-the-clock convenience that only e-commerce can offer.

fashion directory  Funnyfur: Dog Clothes. Choose from trendy dog clothing such as hoodies, coats, tees, raincoats, costumes, and formal wear. We've got the perfect dog apparel for any occasion! Custom dog clothes provides more than exceptional style and comfort; it's a way to show your precious pet—and the world around them—that you care enough to dress them in the very best

fashion directory  Estelles Reflective Wear: Featuring the Boett line of Reflective collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs, cats, horses and people.

fashion directory the place for dogs and cats and their people to get safe products, interesting information and fun pet stuff you can't find anywhere else.

fashion directory  Petco: Explore Petco's selection of dog & puppy clothes, outfits & apparel. From outerwear to accessories, your dog will be looking its best for each occasion.

fashion directory Since 1995, Sit Stay has been your headquarters for everything your working dog needs. From service dog vests, to dog beds and collars... they have you covered. They even carry the latest in supplements and animal nutrition.

fashion directory  Your Active Pet: was formed by Becky Dozier and Paul Jurasin in Boulder, Colorado in 1999. Becky and Paul are both active in the outdoors through participation in running, biking, hiking, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor sports. Their dog, Ramsey, often joins them in their outdoor activities. Outdoor gear for people is plentiful and relatively easy to find, however, finding a full selection of outdoor gear for dogs is far more elusive. will make shopping for quality outdoor and travel gear for your dog much more accessible to active pet owner.

If you can not find enough pet clothing in the Apparel Search Pet Clothing Store directory, you can possibly find additional pet fashion from the Amazon database. You are welcome to search their web site by product category, brand name or pricing. If you are looking for clothing for humans with animal designs you may wish to search for Amazon for dog designs, cat designs or bird designs to prove you are a true animal lover. If you are looking for items to buy for your pet, you can try pet carriers, dog beds, dog collars or cat collars.

You can also visit Amazon for a great selection of books about cats as well as a list of books about dogs, or birds or snakes or any other type of animal. If you are truly inspired and wish to spoil yourself, you can also search for animal jewelry.

Visit our pet clothing guide for more information.

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