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What are sleeve head rolls?  Sleeve heads help to fill, shape, and stabilize jacket shoulders. When a garments sleeve head rolls are individually adapted to each model they can considerably improve the look and durable design of the sleeve.

Sleeve Head Roll

Manufacturers of Sleeve Head Rolls:

Helsa Fashion Shaping: Sleeve head rolls. When manufacturing classic clothing, setting the sleeve is often a huge challenge. Particularly with demanding outer fabrics or with ambitious front and sleeve designs, it can often be difficult to get the sleeve to fit perfectly.

Helsakam (Turkey): Helsakam Konfeksiyon Yan Urunleri San. ve Tic. A.S., Turkey Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting shoulder pads, sleeve head rolls, etc. Helsakam produces sleeve head rolls according to its customers’ wishes and delivery times, by staying loyal to their patterns and materials, and by developing products together. All samples are produced within the running production line and order production starts only after the samples are confirmed.

Vatex: Vatex manufacturers sleeve head on roll.  They produce sleeve head on rolls cut from specific material and also more special models with two or three band from different materials, sew/bind together. Standard width of the roll: 40mm., 45mm., 50mm., 55mm., 60mm.

Suppliers of Sleeve Head Rolls:

Bernstein & Banleys Ltd.(United Kingdom) : ernstein & Banleys Ltd., trading as The Lining Company, has been established for 65 years. We take pride in being one of the leading suppliers of top quality linings, trimmings and haberdashery items. Shoulder Pads and Sleeve Head Roll. Shop Shoulder Pad Stitched TS Black Shop Now. Quality 386. Shop Shoulder Pad Stitched White Shop Now. Quality 370. Shop Shoulder Pads Moulded CG White Shop Now. Quality 371. Shop Shoulder Pads Small Grey Shop Now. Quality 373. Shop Shoulder Pads Small Moulded White Shop Now. Quality 374.

Williamgee (United Kingdom): Buy Shoulder Pads and Head Rolls Online at, with free next-day delivery in the UK. ... For a smooth, professional tailored finish, make sure you check out our shoulder pads and head rolls. These pads and rolls are ready to cut to size and are suitable for heavier weight fabrics. ... Sleeve Head Roll (with Canvas)

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