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Although these web sites do 'not' necessarily specialize in the Apparel Industry, you may still find them both interesting as well as helpful.  We have lined the border of this page with some Apparel Industry Stocks symbols so that you do not go through Apparel Industry withdrawal. 

Risky Fashion BusinessIf you are planning to invest in the stock market, keep in mind their can be great reward or great risk.  Take your time to research the publically traded fashion companies.

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NY Stock Exchange : The New York Stock Exchange traces its origins to a founding agreement in 1792.

The NYSE registered as a national securities exchange with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on October 1, 1934. The Governing Committee was the primary governing body until 1938, at which time The Exchange hired its first paid president and created a thirty-three member Board of Governors. The Board included Exchange members, non-member partners from both New York and out-of-town firms, as well as public representatives.  The NYSE mission is to add value to the capital-raising and asset- management process by providing the highest- quality and most cost-effective self-regulated marketplace for the trading of financial instruments, promote confidence in and understanding of that process, and serve as a forum for discussion of relevant national and international policy issues.

NASDAQ : NASDAQ is the largest U.S. electronic stock market.

With approximately 3,300 companies, it lists more companies and, on average, trades more shares per day than any other U.S. market. It is home to category-defining companies that are leaders across all areas of business including technology, retail, communications, financial services, transportation, media and biotechnology. NASDAQ is the primary market for trading NASDAQ-listed stocks. Approximately 54% of NASDAQ-listed shares traded are reported to NASDAQ systems.

OTCBB : Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) 

The OTC Bulletin Board (or OTCBB) is an interdealer quotation system that is used by subscribing FINRA members to reflect market making interest in OTCBB-eligible securities (as defined by FINRA Rule 6530). Subscribing market makers can utilize the OTCBB to enter, update, and display their proprietary quotations in individual securities on a real-time basis. Such quotation entries may consist of a priced bid and/or offer; an unpriced indication of interest (including "bid wanted" or "offer wanted" indications); or a bid/offer accompanied by a modifier to reflect unsolicited customer interest. Members that submit quotes in OTCBB-eligible securities to the OTCBB must comply with the Rule 6400 and 6500 Series, as well as all other applicable rules and regulations.


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