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What are fashion forms?  Well we know of at least two entirely different meanings.

  1. One type is a form used by the fashion industry for designers to use to test draping, make patterns, etc.  These are body forms, dress forms, torso forms or mannequins.  They are used for fashion product development but also for retail store displays.
  2. The second type of fashion form is a bra.

Fashion Body Forms: Dress form and mannequin displays are used in retail stores to effectively showcase clothing for purchase. They are typically available in two main styles: mannequins, which tend to have more realistic shapes and may include hair and facial features, and clothing forms, which usually do not include a head or limbs. Dress and mannequin forms are available in several different materials, including plastic, fiberglass, and wood. Dress forms are also available with a fabric overlay. Display material should be selected based on durability and appearance requirements. Dress form and mannequin products may be offered in many different colors such as white, black, pink, and clear. Some store mannequins have flexible arms and legs that allow them to be posed for presentation. A mannequin form may be in the form of a woman, man, or child. Additional accessories are available for both retail fixtures, including stands, heads, arms, legs, and display pins.  You can find dress forms at online retailers such as Amazon or at specialty stores that sell retail store displays or products to the fashion industry.

Fashion Forms

Fashion form Bras: Do you need support but don't want to show bra straps?  Fashion Forms gives your underwear solutions a lift with its cleavage-enhancing bras and accessories. Plunging strapless bras and push-up padded styles add to a range of boosting silicone pads and fail-safe fashion tape.  Fashion forms come with a wide variety of shapes, styles, and features.  Below are a few examples of features you can find.

Fashion Forms Bras

Dare to bare a little skin in these molded adhesive bras.

Fashion Forms at Bloomingdales

Fashion Forms Bare Necessities

The world of fashion is enormous.  Sometimes a little fashion summary can be advantageous.

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