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It is all about the words.  Words are very important so be sure to use them wisely.


A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous. 

Is clothing and apparel a synonym? Clothing is not as broad of a category as apparel.  Some people consider jewelry to be apparel.  Jewelry is not clothing.

Is shoes and footwear a synonym?  Footwear includes shoes, boots, sandals, etc.  A shoe is a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.

Are coats and jackets a synonym?  Coats are longer than jackets.  The difference between coats & jackets.

Is trendy and stylish a synonym?

If you want to truly understand synonyms, you really should read a thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a dictionary of words with the same or nearly the same meanings, or synonyms, and their opposites, or antonyms.  A good thesaurus can help you better master a language.

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