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Some people say, "it's all about the base", but we say it is "all about the style".

The world of fashion is full of style choices.  What choice will you make today?

What is style? Style is a distinctive appearance.  It has much to do with the clothing we wear and the image we portray.  Style is partially reflected by the wardrobe we cultivate.  People have a wide assortment of style choices to contend with each day.  Every time we put on clothing, we are making style choices.

Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.  Style is expressing yourself through what you wear.

Our own sense of style, work requirements, financial status, etc. all plays a role in regard to what we wear. 

Style is relevant to fashion styling, color coordinating, accessorizing and wardrobe assembling.

Below are a few key fashion styles.

Street fashion styles

Vintage fashion styles

Bohemian fashion styles

Celebrity fashion styles

Artsy fashion styles

Boho fashion styles (Bohemian)

Chic fashion styles

Preppy fashion style

Rock-n-Roll fashion style

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The one constant thing about fashion is that it will always change.  Each season, designers bless us with their new creations.  Seeing new fashion styles each season certainly brings joy to the world.

Here are a few more categories of style:

Casual fashion styles

Sexy fashion styles

Sophisticated fashion styles

Classy fashion styles

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Do schools & work infringe on our stylistic freedoms?

Some companies and some schools require uniforms or very strict dress codes.  These policies can possibly eliminate or reduce options regarding an individuals style choices.  Some schools or companies have dress codes but keep them rather loose.  If a dress code is not too strict, it can still allow students to wear what they want which leaves students with a sense of choice and expression.  The purpose of a dress code is to provide guidance in regard to appropriate attire.  The challenge is when the institution and the individual have a different definition of "appropriate".


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