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What do you plan to wear to the apocalypse?

A zombie is a fictional (or possibly non-fictional) undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse.  Zombies are very rare but it is best that you do not try to find one.

When did zombies become fashionable?

The film Night of the Living Dead made no spoken reference to its undead antagonists as "zombies".  In the movie they were described as "ghouls". Although George Romero used the term "ghoul" in his original scripts, in later interviews he used the term "zombie".  The word "zombie" is used exclusively by Romero in his 1978 script for his sequel Dawn of the Dead, including once in dialog.  Dawn of the Dead is possibly, "one of the most compelling and entertaining zombie films ever made".  According to Apparel Search, the Dawn of the Dead movie made zombies fashionable.

Just for the record, Michael Jackson should also be thanked.  If George Romero made zombies fashionable, Michael Jackson certainly was the one that gave them style.

Zombie Fashion Michael Jackson Thriller

What is a fashion zombie?  A person that creeps and crawls around looking for fashion sales.

If you are looking for Zombie fashion, keep in mind that you can find plenty of costumes if you search for them online.  You may want to also search for Zombie t-shirts which are rather interesting.

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If you enjoy fashion music, you may find the following song to be of great interest:

"Fashion Zombies!" is a song by American band The Aquabats and the leading single from their fourth studio album Charge!!, released on Nitro Records in 2005.

Lyrically, the song satirizes social fads and popular fashion, in particular that of the goth and emo subcultures, likening people who adhere to such scenes as "zombies". In the documentary How About Charge!!? on the album's "Special One-Year Anniversary" DVD, singer Christian Jacobs explained that the song was written as the band's reaction towards the newest trend in what he called "fashion rock", popular music that was merely a "soundtrack to the clothes that you wear.

Before the dead return to life, be sure to fill your wardrobe with clothing and other supplies.

You may enjoy the 100 years of Halloween Costumes video.

Zombie Fashion T-shirt: Zombies Don't Like Fast Food

Zombies Hat Fast Food

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Be cautious because fashion zombies are just as hungry as all other types of zombies.

Long "live" fashion.

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