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Women's Costume at Comic-con NYfashion directory  Blossom Costumes (Australia): Blossom costumes have 100's of costumes for your next themed party or event. Everything from the Roaring 20's to modern day Hollywood and everything in between.  Address - 214 Settlement Rd, Thomastown, Vic, 3074 Phone - 03 90775664 E-mail -

fashion directory is a premier online retailer of Halloween Costumes. They have over 10,000 styles, colors and sizes. Here, you will find a costume for any theme and any budget for Adults, Children, Teens quality brands at guaranteed low prices.  Address 7625 Rosecrans Avenue #4 Phone CORPORATE OFFICE: 562-314-4879 Fax 562-633-9424 E-mail Contact: Nick Pardasani

fashion directory  Costumes Australia: Find great deals on Fancy Dress, Plus size & Spotlight Costumes and Accessories in Costumes Australia. Order Now for FAST Delivery! Address: 5/10 Clarice Road, Box Hill South, Vic 3128 Australia Phone:03-98909818 

fashion directory  Costume Supercenter: They offer thousands of costumes, props, accessories, and more at prices way lower than their competition. No matter what event you're dressing for, they have got you covered. Their site also hosts a large array of Halloween resources and guides (like a Star Trek uniform infographic, period dress guides and tutorials, and informational pages). Their site has it all!  Address: 45 Fernwood Ave, Edison, NJ 08837 ยท 888-575-5575 

fashion directory  Dance Costumes: Carries dance costumes for kids and adults. Find jazz dance costumes, basic warm-ups and leotards, dance team costumes, or theme costumes for your recital. Costumes ship quickly and can be ordered for individuals or groups.  Address: North Mankato, MN Phone: 507-386-0207 Fax: 507-386-0517 Contact: Tom Fallenstein 

fashion directory  Fantasy Costume Company (subsidiariy of Lady & The Fool Inc.): Halloween Costumes, Adult Costumes, Child Costumes, Renaissance Costumes Everything you need for any Costume or Costume Rental!! Los Angeles Costume Shop & Costume Rentals

fashion directory  Flapper offers 1920's style flapper dresses. Available in regular and plus sizes. Adress: 1014 South Front Street Mankato, Minnesota 56001. USA Phone:507-386-0207 or FAX: 507-386-0517 Email: Contact: Tom

fashion directory  LostInVictorian: Dedicated for supplying quality historical clothing ranging from Medieval age to the late 19th Century, perfect for theme weddings, SCA, LARP, stage and costume parties!  Address: No.135, Zhihe Street,Yongtai, Baiyu District, Guangzhou 510410, China Phone: 86-18502009258 E-mail: Contact: Michelle Yao

fashion directory  Pretendware Clothing: Pretendware Clothing designs and manufactures children's costumes and dress-up clothes. Their speciality is animal costumes. Address: P.O. Box 813 Point Roberts Washington 98281-0813 USA Phone: 604-948-7033 or 604-377-4283 Fax: 604-943-8224 Email: Contact: Ansa Bulfone

fashion directory  Redstar Fancy Dress (United Kingdom): Redstar Fancy Dress was founded in 2008 and since then they have been supplying children, men and women with fun fancy dress outfits and accessories. They have a large selection dedicated to hen and stag parties and other themed events. Address: Unit 3B, Redstar Fancy Dress, Stretfield Mill, Stretfield Road, Bradwell, S33 9JT, UK Phone: 07948943619 E-mail: Contact: Sam Butterworth

fashion directory  Renaissance Costumes Clothing:  Offers women's and men's renaissance costumes, knight costumes, renaissance wedding gowns and all the accessories to make your costume complete.   Address 1014 South Front St. Mankato, MN 56001 Phone 507-386-0207 Fax 507-386-0517 E-mail Contact: Tom Fallenstein

fashion directory  Star Costumes: Star Costumes carries a comprehensive selection of adult and kids Halloween costumes, as well as Halloween accessories and props, pet costumes, mascot costumes and more.  Address: 2708 W. Sylvania Avenue Toledo, OH 43613 Phone: 1-888-573-4594 Fax: 1-419-473-9650 Email:  Contact name: Sara Bimmel

fashion directory  Tickled Pink Fancy Dress: Tickled Pink Fancy Dress are leading suppliers of quality fancy dress for events and festivals. They sell a large range of kids and adults fancy dress including Halloween costumes, festival fancy dress, Christmas costumes, animal onesies and pink fancy dress of course.  Address: 9 Lydden Rd, London, SW18 4LT, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)203 643 2025 Email: Contact name: Alex

fashion directory  TV Store Online: TV Store Online is an online retailer of popular TV, comic book and movie costumes, shirts and other merchandise. Themes include comedy, superhero, classic, nostalgia and sci-fi.  Address: 3160 Ridgeway Ct., Commerce Twp, MI 48390 Phone: 866-823-8537 E-mail:

fashion directory  Wizard of Oz Costumes:  Offers every wizard of oz costume in kids to adult sizes including: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Glinda the Good Witch, Wicked Witch, Munchkins and others.   Address - 1014 South Front St., Mankato, MN 56001 Phone - 507-386-0207 Fax - 507-386-0517 E-mail -  Contact: Tom Fallenstein 

fashion directory  Your La Mode: they are proud to have the largest and most desirable collection of sexy costume, swimwear, and clubwear with the lowest prices and best customer service of any online store. Their main focus is making shopping easy for their customers.  A team of young minds work together to make sure top of line fashion is available to you at their online store!  They do all the searching so you will be up to date on the latest fashion trends.

How many days until Halloween?  It is time to start thinking about Halloween Costumes?.

If you could not find enough costume resources on the Apparel Search directory page, you are welcome to search the database for additional costume selections.  Their site will allow you to search for costumes by costume brand name, category (type of costume) as well as prices.

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Trends in the Halloween Costume Retail Business:

The Halloween costume retail business has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting changing consumer preferences and market dynamics. Here are some key trends:

Diverse Costume Selection: Retailers have expanded their costume offerings to cater to a wide range of tastes and age groups. They now stock costumes for adults, children, infants, and even pets. Additionally, costumes encompass a broader spectrum, including classic monsters, pop culture icons, and DIY-inspired outfits.

Online Shopping Dominance: E-commerce has become a major player in the Halloween costume business. Online retailers offer convenience and a vast selection of costumes. Many physical stores have also established online presences, providing a seamless shopping experience.

Early Start to the Season: Retailers often begin promoting Halloween merchandise earlier each year, starting as early as August or even July. This extended selling period allows customers to plan ahead and find their ideal costumes with less last-minute stress.

Incorporation of Technology: Some costumes now incorporate technology, including LED lights, sound effects, and interactive elements. These tech-enhanced costumes provide a unique and immersive experience.

Sustainable and DIY Options: With growing environmental awareness, retailers have introduced sustainable costume options made from eco-friendly materials. DIY costume supplies have also gained popularity, encouraging creative consumers to craft their own outfits.

Retailers' Evolved Strategies Around Halloween:

To capitalize on the Halloween holiday season, retailers have adapted and refined their strategies:

Year-Round Costume Sections: Some major retailers have dedicated sections for costumes and party supplies year-round. This strategy ensures that customers can access costumes and accessories whenever they need them, not just during the Halloween season.

Pop-Up Stores: Many businesses specialize in seasonal pop-up stores that operate exclusively during the Halloween season. These stores often set up shop in vacant retail spaces and offer a wide range of costumes, decorations, and accessories. Once the season ends, they close their doors, only to return the following year.

Innovative Marketing: Retailers use creative marketing campaigns to generate excitement around Halloween. This includes promotions, contests, and interactive social media initiatives that engage customers and foster a sense of community.

Themed Collections: Fashion retailers have started releasing Halloween-themed clothing collections that go beyond costumes. These collections often include casual and stylish Halloween-inspired attire like graphic t-shirts, leggings, and accessories.

Partnerships and Licensing: Retailers often collaborate with entertainment companies to secure licenses for popular characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. This allows them to offer officially branded costumes and merchandise, attracting fans of these franchises.

Transitioning into Seasonal or Pop-Up Stores:

Some clothing stores successfully transition into selling seasonal Halloween merchandise or even operate as pop-up stores during this time of year. This approach involves the following strategies:

Diverse Inventory: Clothing stores expand their inventory to include Halloween costumes, accessories, and decorations. They stock a variety of options to cater to different customer preferences.

Visual Merchandising: These stores transform their physical spaces with Halloween-themed displays, creating an immersive shopping experience that draws in customers.

Temporary Staffing: To accommodate the increased demand during the Halloween season, stores may hire temporary employees to assist with customer service, stocking, and cashier duties.

Storage Solutions: After the Halloween season ends, stores must carefully store their remaining merchandise for the following year. This requires adequate storage space and inventory management to ensure the products remain in good condition.

The Halloween costume retail business has seen significant changes in recent years, from an extended selling period to the incorporation of technology and sustainability. Retailers have adapted by expanding their costume selections, adopting online sales channels, and embracing the concept of pop-up stores. These strategies ensure that consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to Halloween costumes and related merchandise, helping them fully enjoy the spirit of the season.

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