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fashion directory  Explore Cornell: The Polyworks software application can display body scan data as points, a triangulated wireframe, a wireframe with surface rendering, or simply as a smooth surface. Additionally, slices can be taken at any orientation, enabling us to measure circumferences and view cross sections in different areas of the body. Even for bodies with similar circumference measures, variation in shape can factor into garment fit. The 3D scanner enables us to examine the body in ways never before possible, including the shape of a cross section, slice area, surface area, and volume.

fashion directory  Human Solutions: offers complete solutions for the clothing and shoe trades. The heart of this system is a body or foot scanner that takes a customer's measurements digitally, creating a so-called digital twin. Based on this exact image, software developed by HUMAN SOLUTIONS then defines and captures all the measurements necessary for actually producing the garment or shoe. This data is forwarded online to the pertinent manufacturer, whose innovative production technologies ensure an exact fit. The customer then receives the finished product in a very short time.

fashion directory  Intellifit Corporation:  Intellifit Corporation designs, develops and markets consumer measurement technologies that address apparel industry fit challenges. Intellifit's patented Virtual Fitting Room (VFR) is the only 3D whole body anthropometric scanner that can take measurements of a fully clothed individual. The VFR is fast, accurate, safe, unobtrusive and cost effective. The Intellifit Custom Apparel Center enables producing custom made clothing including jeans, shirts, pants, suits and other garments. The VFR 3D body scanner has been used to measure over 230,000 individuals, representing the largest anthropometric body measurement database in the world. Address PO Box 2227 Southeastern, PA 19399 Phone 215-659-5911 Fax 215-659-5912 E-mail  Contact: Rob Weber 

fashion directory  Pacific Northwest National Labratory (PNNL): The 3-D Body Holo Scanner was originally developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to detect body worn concealed threats. However, it was quickly determined that the same technology could be used to conveniently obtain very accurate and complete body measurements. This system uses very low power millimeter waves or microwaves (radar signals) to illuminate the person being measured. The radar signals readily penetrate clothing material and reflect off the human body. And the power levels are on the same level as Doppler radar systems used by automatic door openers in public convenience stores. A major advantage of the 3-D Body Holo Scanner is that the system does not require a person to remove any clothing in order to take the measurement. This not only makes the body measurement process much more convenient for the customer, it also eliminates the need for changing rooms.

fashion directory  SYMCAD (Telmat): 3D capture and automated body measurement systems, corporate clothing and uniforms inventory management systems

fashion directory  TC2: [TC] is a recognized world leader in body scanning.  Their 3D Body Scanner scans the whole human body in less than 6 seconds and produces a true-to-scale 3D body model within minutes.  The uses of the 3D Body Model are unlimited, including Custom fitting apparel Apparel sizing standards development 3D product development, including apparel, automotive seating and other equipment applications  Body shape analysis

fashion directory  VisImage Systems: specializes in the development of computer vision and digital image processing systems. Originating from the University of Toronto, VIS established its presence in 1996 by providing computer assisted measurement systems.  They combine the modern technologies of computing, image acquisition and image processing into seamless applications.  They provide cutting edge solutions (software and hardware) for your accurate measurement needs.

fashion directory  Vitronic: VITRONIC is selling the whole body scanner VITUS since 1997. VITUS was developed a couple of years earlier, when they created a prototype for a sculptor.

fashion directory  Yin USA Inc.: The world's leading soft material cutting expert. Automation solution provider with the award winning HY-HC automatic cutting machine, CAD fashion design software, digitizers, plotters, spreaders, UPS, 3D scanners, and more. Address: 548 Forest Center Plaza Garland, TX 75042 Phone 214-960-3832 E-mail

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