Greige Goods

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What are greige goods?

Greige Fabric Rolls

If you work in the clothing industry, you have most likely heard the term “Greige Goods”.  Hopefully, you have already realized that it is not at all relevant to the color grey (gray).

Greige goods is essentially material (fabric) in their raw state; before any process has been applied to any piece of fabric.  Greige Goods is a term for fabric that is in its natural state of color.  Fabric in its raw state, prior to being dyed or printed.  In regard to woven fabric, the term greige goods is used to describe cloth woven on a loom with warp and filling yarns that have not been dyed.   Greige goods is an unfished fabric, just removed from a knitting machine or the weaving loom.  The cloth has typically not received any sort of dry or wet finishing.  The woven fabric may be dyed later after weaving, as in piece dyed fabrics.

What is the difference between greige fabric and greige yarn?

Well, that is sort of a silly question.  One is fabric and one is yarn.  These are two totally different items.

Greige fabric is un-bleached, un-dyed or un-treated fabric or cloth.

Greige yarn is un-bleached, un-dyed or un-treated yarn.

You get the picture.


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