Narrow Fabrics Explained for the Apparel Industry
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What are narrow fabrics?

Narrow fabrics refer to the width of fabric and apparel trimming.

Narrow goods are essentially textiles having a width of 12 inches or less and a woven selvage on either side.  They are small strips of fabric, often designed for a specific and practical purpose. Cords, braids, and lanyards are commonly used items that are also narrow fabrics.

Narrow fabrics can include braid, ribbons, tapes, bindings, elastics, etc.  The apparel industry utilizes a wide variety of knitted, woven, jacquard elastics and non-elastic webbings materials during the manufacturing of clothing, footwear, and accessories..

From underwear and intimates to outerwear, athletic wear, hosiery, hats and shoes, narrow fabrics can help hold garments in place, provide comfort, support, branding and decorative elements.

They are woven on special looms.

Note: Narrow fabrics can also possibly reference fabric that is wider than 12 inches.  The term can be utilized when discussing wide width goods or narrow width goods for garment fabrics that are not typically for trimming.

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