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What are narrow fabrics?  According to the Narrow fabrics Institute, "narrow fabrics as textiles that are no more than 12 inches (300mm) in width and are made by weaving, knitting or braiding fibers or yarns with an edge to prevent unraveling."  However, we have also read that narrow fabrics are generally considered as any textile fabric not exceeding 45 centimeters in width with 2 selvedges.  Therefore narrow fabrics include any trimming, elastic, tape, ribbon, lace, cording etc. Narrow fabrics are used for different applications in many industries.  They are most often used in the garments and home furnishing industry.  Therefore, we are not certain the exact width because the textile industry does not have a 100% exact standard.  Let's just keep in mind that narrow fabrics are textiles that are rather narrow in width and have edges to avoid unraveling.

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AEC Narrow fabrics: AEC has earned its global reputation as a versatile and complete source for high-quality narrow fabrics matched with superb service. With outstanding manufacturing facilities and research and development operations in the United States and Central America, AEC's infinite possibilities address knitted, woven, elastic and rigid narrow fabrics for the apparel, automotive, bedding, fall protection, first responders, industrial, medical, military and recreational industries. Customers value AEC's extensive offering of fibers and finishes that can be used to create customized products to address specific performance needs.

AmSafe Bridport (purchased Arthur Hart webbing): they are a narrow fabric weaving business specializing in the production of high quality, high specification materials for a variety of applications for customers worldwide. Aerospace, military, fashion, equestrian, industrial and electronics are just some of the markets that have identified applications for narrow woven fabric in their product/process. In fact, the service offered can be likened to be that of the textile 'engineer' - the creation of technical solutions using standard and non-standard raw materials, weave constructions and finishes.

Bally Ribbon Mills  (USA):  Producing quality narrow woven fabrics since 1923, Bally Ribbon Mills has used innovation in design and manufacturing to become a highly respected leader in the woven narrow fabrics industry. Bally Ribbon, located in Bally, Pennsylvania , specializes in engineered woven narrow fabrics, specialty broadcloth and woven structures for medical, military , safety, industrial, aerospace, and commercial applications. Manufacturing capabilities include tapes, webbing, tubulars, broadcloth, multi-dimensional woven shapes, nylon, Nomex, Kevlar, polyester, Teflon, graphite, fiberglass, ceramic, Spectra, PBI/kevlar, rayon and acrylic fibergroups.

Bowmer Bond (United Kingdom): Specialist UK manufacturer of woven tape (including jacquard), webbing and cord made from a wide range of natural & synthetic fibres, including cotton, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, flame resistant materials, and conductive and reflective yarns. Webbing can be customised by woven jacquard logos or over-printed in fast ink. Bowmer Bond is the largest supplier in the world of PVC coated webbing and ancilliary products for the manufacture of curtain-sided vehicles, marquees and billboards. Whether high-tech or standard products, they offer bespoke and stock service on the largest range of narrow fabrics you will find. If they can't make it, they will find it for you.

C & S Valkenburg (Netherlands): is a webbing and industrial fabrics company that manufactures webbing for a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, transport and the sport and leisure sector. The company, which was set up at the beginning of the last century, is established in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands. Expertise, quality, reliability and flexibility are the cornerstones of our company. Through the years, C & S Valkenburg has amply proven its ability to live up to those terms. Its highly flexible organization allows C & S Valkenburg to fulfill the most divergent orders promptly and efficiently.

Cytesa (USA / Mexico): CYTESA Manufacturing leader of webbings, narrow fabrics, rigid and elastic webbings, bindings and braiding from 2 mm to 250 mm, for Harnesses, Slings, Luggage, Sports Clothing and Equipment, Straps, Belts, Industrial Safety, Garment Industry, Orthopedic and Intimate Apparel, Automotive and Aeronautic Industry.

Great American Weaving Corporation (USA): located in Bally, Pennsylvania is a manufacturer of a variety of narrow woven fabrics such as woven tapes, ribbons, beltings, webbings, filter fabrics, medical devices, and other specialty woven items.

K & W Webbing Co., Inc. (USA)  Manufacturer of elastic and non-elastic webbing.  Address: 403 Roosevelt Avenue Central Falls, RI 02863 Tel 401-725-4441 Fax 401-725-3483 Email: Contact Name: Krystyna Kozlowski

Lagran (Canada): Established in Granby (Qu
bec) in 1931, under the name of Stark Bros Ribbon Corporation, they were manufacturers of delicate ribbon to be used in fashion, dressmaking and wrapping industries.  In 1988, the company evolved to LaGran Canada, a Canadian firm with its head office in Granby (Quebec).

M.Wright & Son's / M.W & S (United Kingdom) manufacturer of high quality woven narrow fabrics since 1860. As a family owned business for over 160 years, M Wright & Sons Limited possesses a wealth of history, expertise, development and investment in elastic and rigid narrow fabric. M Wright & Sons Limited is located in Quorn Village in the heart of England; a site they have occupied since 1870, 10 years after their founding in the nearby city of Leicester.

Narrow fabric Industries Corp. (USA): Narrow fabric Industries Corp. manufactures a broad range of narrow fabric products. These products, including both elastic and non-elastic fabrics, are created on a variety of highly specialized machinery. The Company is one of the leading manufacturers of narrow elastic fabrics, and the vast majority of the Company's elastic product line is sold to well-known manufacturers of women's lingerie. Narrow fabric also extrudes silicone onto fabrics that are used in the hosiery and intimate apparel market.

The Narrow fabrics Institute (NFI) defines narrow fabrics as textiles that are no more than 12 inches (300mm) in width and are made by weaving, knitting or braiding fibers or yarns with an edge to prevent unraveling. NFI works to support new technology, specifications and testing. The Division sells abrasion rods specified in ASTM D6770 and disseminates revenue to textile-related programs. The Narrow fabrics Institute provides a network to exchange information, solve common problems and develop mutually beneficial relationships. NFI is a division of the Industrial fabrics Association International (IFAI), a trade association comprised of member companies representing the global specialty fabrics and advanced textiles marketplace. IFAI invests more than $8 million each year to advance the fabrics industry and support member companies.

Novelty Bias Binding (USA): Novelty Bias Binding is a division of Narrow fabrics of America, NFA, was formed in 1982, from the narrow fabrics and specialty plastics divisions of Chelsea Industries. The divisions of NFA consist of Charbert fabrics, Hope Webbing and Novelty Bias Binding, which together, form one of the largest narrow fabrics manufacturers in the country.  Phone: (401) 495-0110 Toll Free: (800) 854-7139 Fax: (401) 495-0113

Offray Specialty Narrow fabrics (OSNF) (USA): engineers and manufactures innovative tapes and webbing for high performance applications. For high temperature resistance, fall protection, static protection, personal area networking, UV durability or biomedical compatibility; they can design narrow fabrics to meet your unique requirements. Markets they serve include fire fighting, safety, aerospace, medical, clean room and outdoor acrylic products. Many of these markets have stringent industry standards, and they certify their products to meet those requirements. Offray has been owned and operated by the Offray family since 1876. The company has corporate offices in Chester, NJ and its production facility in Watsontown, PA,.

Pega (Czech Republic):  they are specialized in the production of an assortment of ribbons, braids, elastic fabrics and elastic yarns.  There extensive product assortment in this category includes: lines tapes, twilled braids, ribbons, rep ribbons, plain ribbons, shoemaker braids, wicks, border tapes, fancy ribbons, other rigid ribbons, webbings, plain elastic ribbons, patterned elastic ribbons, curtain tapes, fancy patterned elastic ribbons, hollow elastic braids, hatbands, elastic technical ropes, braided hoses, webbings, soutaches, bookbinding tapes, heel braids, rickracks, fencing tapes, metal trimmings and cords, technical and trimming cords, dress trimmings, cords, satin cords, cords, leonine fancy braids, adjustment bands, fringes, lacets, underwear elastic knits, swimwear knits, cotton elastic knits - Modal, Mikro, Lyocell, elastic covered yarns - optex - for the production of socks, elastic tapes, surgical hosiery, elastic bandages, etc.

S.I.R Webbing: S.I.R. Webbing, Inc., based in north New Jersey, is a sales organization aligned with premiere domestic and international manufacturers.  They have an extensive inventory of webbings made in polypropylene, nylon, polyester, cotton and elastic for use in myriad industries. Their unparalleled inventory allows them to meet their customers' needs quickly and economically.  They also can develop new webbings to meet your unique specifications.

Sturges Straps (USA): Sturges Manufacturing was founded in 1907 - they are a manufacturer of custom webbing and finished straps, poised to provide only the finest combination of materials, colors, patterns, and hardware for your specific applications and requirements.  Their success is built on a foundation of innovation, superior quality, and premier customer service.  They provide bulk material and finished straps to a wide variety of industries.

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