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In this section of the apparel manufacturers directory, you will find factories that manufacture tapes used during the production of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories. 

In the context of clothing components and garment construction, "tapes" typically refer to narrow strips or ribbons of fabric or other materials used for various purposes in clothing design and manufacturing. These tapes serve functional, decorative, or structural roles in the construction and finishing of garments. Here are some common types of tapes used in the clothing industry:

Seam Tape: Seam tape, often made of fabric or a thermoplastic material like polyurethane, is used to reinforce seams, particularly in waterproof or water-resistant garments. It prevents water penetration through stitching holes and strengthens the seam.

Bias Tape: Bias tape is made by cutting strips of fabric at a 45-degree angle to the fabric grain. It is used to finish raw edges, make piping, or bind seams, providing a clean and polished look. Bias tape is available in various widths and can be made from matching or contrasting fabric for decorative purposes.

Elastic Tape: Elastic tape is a stretchy material used to provide elasticity and a snug fit in various parts of garments, such as waistbands, cuffs, and lingerie. It can be sewn directly into the fabric or encased in a casing made of fabric or ribbons.

Hem Tape: Hem tape, often made of woven or fusible material, is used to secure and finish hems. Fusible hem tape is activated by heat and fuses with the fabric to create a secure, no-sew hem.

Petersham Ribbon: Petersham ribbon is a stiff, ribbed ribbon used for stabilizing waistbands and cuffs or as decorative trim on clothing. It has a flexible edge that can be shaped to fit curved areas.

Hook-and-Loop Tape (Velcro): Hook-and-loop tape, commonly known as Velcro, is used for closures in clothing items like jackets, shoes, and children's clothing. It consists of two components: hooks and loops, which adhere to each other when pressed together.

Reflective Tape: Reflective tape contains reflective material that enhances visibility in low-light conditions. It's often used in sportswear, activewear, and safety gear to make wearers more visible to others.

Grosgrain Ribbon: Grosgrain ribbon is a sturdy, ribbed ribbon commonly used for decorative purposes, such as adding trim to clothing items or creating bows and ties.

Drawstring: While not technically a tape, drawstrings are narrow cords or tapes used to cinch and adjust the fit of garments, such as hoodies, pants, and bags. They are often threaded through casings.

Binding Tape: Binding tape is used to encase raw edges, creating a clean and finished look. It is frequently used in lingerie, swimwear, and on the edges of quilts.

Fusible Tape: Fusible tape is a heat-activated adhesive tape used to bond two pieces of fabric together. It is commonly used for joining fabrics temporarily before sewing or for securing appliques.

Printed or Decorative Tape: Some clothing designs incorporate decorative tapes with patterns, logos, or branding. These tapes are used to add unique and eye-catching elements to garments.

Tapes are versatile components in the clothing industry, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Their usage varies depending on the type of garment and the specific design and construction requirements.

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