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fashion directory  Aplix (United Kingdom): manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners.  They have built a reputation for specialized innovation and service with over 40 years of experience. APLIX has been providing solutions for a varied customer base throughout this time.  They have production sites both in Nantes, France and Charlotte in the USA employing over 750 people. These sites are backed up by 3 R&D centres in Nantes, Stuttgart and Charlotte.

fashion directory  Dunlap Industries is an American owned manufacturer and distributor of high quality zippers, thread, hook and loop and other related trim items. Their goal is to provide customers with the best possible solution while providing unparalleled value. Customer satisfaction is what drives them everyday, meaning they will go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers, including special requests.

fashion directory  MH They are one of the biggest also leading manufacturer and supplier for various items of tailoring materials. They have been in this line many years with regular customers coming from near 70 countries, including of south and Normal America, West and North Africa, total Europe and Asia. Their main products are Polyester and Embroidery Thread, Laces, Zippers, Bias Binding Tape, Ribbon, Various Buttons and others.

fashion directory  T & T Buttons & Buckles (Hong Kong): they are one of the garments accessories exporter and manufacturer in Hong Kong.  They specialized in all kinds of garments accessories. Their products are all in excellent quality and have prompt delivery.  Address: 302BC, 3/f, Phase 2, San Po Kong Fty Bldg, San Po Kong, Kowloon  Hong Kong  Phone:  852 2320 5843 Fax: 852 2321 3544 Email: Contact: Mr Angus Lam

fashion directory  Velcro USA Inc.: VELCRO
brand hook and loop fasteners have provided simple solutions to fastening, storage and organization problems for over 40 years.  Stock Market Info - Velcro.

fashion directory  Xinxie Nylon Tape Fastener Factory of Guang Zhou / Pan Yu Span & Weave Industry Co., Ltd. are all Sino-foreign joint ventures, the total investment is near USD 2 million. The main products are: Nylon tape fastener ( common sewing type, stick on type, high cycle type, various punching type, etc. ), Nylon roller, Magic brush ( cloth ), Kitchen clean items, Bathroom items, Almighty protector and other products, the total number of our products is near one hundred. They have there applied novelty patents, five appearance design patents. The products turnout of last year is more than 30 million pair meters.

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