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Address: Claude Debussylaan 24 1082 MD Amsterdam, The Netherlands Phone # +31-205-2225-55 

February 2020 Summary: Velcro Companies is a technology-driven, global organization providing versatile, strong, reliable and durable fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways. VELCRO® Brand products are used by businesses and consumers around the world and can be found in the Transportation, Medical, Packaging, Construction, Personal Care and Industrial markets. We have a heritage of innovation spanning more than 60 years and hold more than 400 active patents and numerous trademarks, including the VELCRO® trademark. To buy genuine VELCRO® Brand products and find out more about our company, visit

October 2013 Summary: Holding company for the Velcro companies, which are primarily involved in the manufacturing and marketing of hook and loop fasteners. The Company, through its subsidiaries, offers hundreds of different hook and loop products and fastening systems.  Velcro Industries' story is fasten-ating. The company's versatile hook-and-loop fasteners originated in 1948 as the brainchild of a Swiss inventor, who became curious about cockleburs that stuck to his clothes. The resulting trademarked invention VELCRO (named for the French words for "velour" and "crochet") can be separated and reclosed 10,000 times, hold up to nine pounds per square inch, and has been used in a plethora of company-designed and consumer-devised applications. VELCRO, which is owned by Cohere, Ltd, sells its products to the apparel, automotive, consumer, electronic, and industrial markets worldwide from about a dozen factories in North America, Europe, and Asia/pacific.

September 2007 Summary: Today the Velcro companies are a technologically-driven, global organization and the industry leader in hook and loop fasteners. Recent technical advances have included the development of a unique, patented molded hook fastener called ULTRA-MATE brand HTH (High Technology Hook), which can be manufactured from a number of resins and engineered to achieve specific performance characteristics.

It's been around probably as long as you have, but we bet you don't know how many ways it affects your life. From keeping athletic shoes on your feet, to anchoring equipment on NASA's space shuttle, VELCRO brand hook and loop fasteners have provided simple solutions to fastening, storage and organization problems for over 40 years. And some of the most innovative and interesting ways to use VELCRO brand fasteners aren't listed on the package - they're devised by do-it-yourselfers inspired to use the product to make their lives better, simpler, or simply more fun!

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