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  Fibre Glast Developments Corporation : Since 1957, they have specialized only in fiberglass and composite materials. They offer unequalled technical support and will be glad to assist you in selecting materials.  They provide Kevlar Tape and kevlar fabrics.

  John R. Sweet Co:  Kevlar
tape is made with aramid fabrics woven from DuPont Kevlar 49
yarn. It is approximately 5 oz/yd
, 17 x 17 construction using 1140 denier yarn, thickness approximately 9 mils, 50-yd rolls. It is the same construction as style 281 broad goods. This tape is used in the same way as fiberglass but it is lighter and has much greater toughness.  They carry bias tape in glass, polyester, and aramid fibers. The bias materials are stronger for a given weight because all of the fibers cross the seam line. They also conform around curves better. The glass tapes are extra heavy weight so just one layer makes a tough seam. The widths and weights listed are not precise; because of its construction, the width of any bias tape can be adjusted somewhat as it is laid up. Less-than-roll quantities are sold by the yard.

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  Offray Specialty Narrow fabrics (OSNF) engineers and manufactures innovative tapes and webbing for high performance applications. For high temperature resistance, fall protection, static protection, personal area networking, UV durability or biomedical compatibility; they can design narrow fabrics to meet your unique requirements. Markets they serve include fire fighting, safety, aerospace, medical, clean room and outdoor acrylic products. Many of these markets have stringent industry standards, and they certify their products to meet those requirements.

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