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fashion directory  Asahi-Kasei (Japan): Asahi Kasei Fibers is the core operating company for all fibers and textiles operations of the Asahi Kasei Group. A wide and expanding range of innovative materials for apparel and industrial applications are produced with the know-how gained through eight decades of industry leadership. Main business: Roica polyurethane fibers, Eltas spunbonds, Lamous artificial suedes, Bemliese cupro nonwovens, Bemberg cupro fibers, Leona nylon 66 fibers, polyester filaments.

fashion directory  Bex-Maru Polyester, Ltd (Bangladesh) Polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning applications. Also, polyester chips for draw texturized filament yarns. Part of the Beximco Group.

fashion directory  Celanese AG  (USA) Manufacturer of chemicals and intermediates, acetate and polyester staple fiber and filament.

fashion directory  Fiberpartner (Denmark)  is supplying demanding clients worldwide with polyester fiber: solid, hollow, conjugated, bico & short cut fibres , as well as industrial yarns in polyester and nylon. On www.fiberpartner.com you will find full technical specifications.  Address: Fiberpartner Aps Sjaellandsgade 10b DK 7100 Vejle Denmark

fashion directory  Hertex Agency AG (Switzerland): is a Swiss-based company specialized in the representation of raw material producers which occupy leading positions in the plastic, synthetic and textile industry.  Address:  reutenenstrasse 34, Frauenfeld  Switzerland 8500  Phone:  +41 52 721 4055 Email: ceeshager@hertex.ch  Contact:  Mr. C. Hager

fashion directory  Huitong-Wanfu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd (China). Specialty fire-resistant and anti-static fibers for textile and nonwoves research and developement, and small scale manufacturing, from polyester. Also, polyester resins and films. Part of Huitong Technique Co., Ltd

fashion directory  Indo Rama Synthetics (I) Ltd. (India) was established in India in 1989 with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A hi-tech plant was set up with a capacity of 21,120 spindles for synthetic blended yarns at Pithampur near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. It has ever since become one of the largest producer-exporters in the synthetic blended yarn industry in India. It was a commendable performance for Indo Rama to post impressive profits in the very first year of its Indian operations.   The company boasts of covering diverse fields of polyesters (staple fibre, filament yarn, spun yarn and textile grade chips).

fashion directory  JCT Group (India). Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles, paper, chemicals, electronics, machinery and engineering. Polyester staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, polyester and polyamide filament yarns, and woven fabrics for apparel, from cotton and cotton rich blends. Detailed product specifications.

fashion directory  KoSa Corp (USA). Multi-national polyester filament, fiber and resin manufacturer. Large site, with detailed information about the company's range of products. Since the close of 1998, the new home of Trevira Fibers, which was formerly the polyester business of Hoechst.

fashion directory  Leggett & Platt: The Textile & Fiber Products Division of Leggett & Platt is the North American leader in the processing of Engineered Textile and Polyester Staple Fibers. Their wide range of products is used for padding, support, fill and comfort in the Mattress, Furniture, Carpet Cushion, Roofing and Automotive industries. They are the leading innovator in high loft Air Filtration Media. Their Mountain Mist and Buffalo Snow lines of Craft and Seasonal Decorations are distributed through retailers nationwide.

fashion directory  Polyester Fibers, LLC: Empire Investment Holdings announced that its affiliate EIH Acquisitions, LLC has completed the acquisition of Polyester Fibers, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated (L&P). Polyester Fibers, comprised of four operating units; Tupelo Fibers, Cumulus Fibres, Cameo Fibers and Buffalo Batt, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of value-added, high-loft nonwoven materials for the bedding, furniture, filtration, and retail marketplace. Polyester Fibers has more than 450 employees serving thousands of customers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, with annual revenues of approximately $100 million. The acquisition includes over a million square feet of space comprised of the companys headquarters and administrative office, 9 manufacturing plants and 2 distribution centers located in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi. It also holds strategic partnerships with 4 manufacturing plants located in China. As an Empire company, Polyester Fibers will stay focused on providing the highest quality and innovation in non-woven fibers and unmatched customer service. The company will operate as 4 distinct operating units, led by its own management team. With the addition of Polyester Fibers, Empire Investment Holdings portfolio is now comprised of 6 operating units, with close to 1,000 employees.

fashion directory  Prince Fabrics (pvt) Ltd (Pakistan): their company was formed in October 1992 to manufacture polyfill.  Now they have increased their product profile to a large extent.  There company is making non woven products using  polyester fibre, pp fibre, acrylic fibre, cotton, nylon fibre, viscose fibre & wool making products as: slipmats for dj turntables, air filter non woven, cotton felt, acrylic felt, viscose kitchen cleaner and stitch bonded fabric, shoe lining, cotton felt for textile calendar machines, pp thermobonded fabric for shoes, textile packing and diaper products.  Address:  127/3, Industrial Area Kot Lakhpat Lahore Pakistan
Phone: 92-42-5115062 or 92-42-5118931 Fax:  92-42-5115063 Email:  asif166@hotmail.com
Contact:  Asif Sheikh

fashion directory  PT. Tunas Sepadan Investama (Indonesia). Diversified group of manufacturing companies. active in fibers, textiles, tires and food products. Polyester staple fiber for yarns spinning and nonwovens manufacture. Also, polyamide filament, and polyester filament and spun yarns for weaving and knitting.

fashion directory  RadiciSpandex:  The Radici Group was founded in 1946 as a household textile manufacturer. Today, as a result of a policy of vertical integration and diversification, the Group is a multibillion dollar entity with over 6,000 employees working in 60 production facilities worldwide. Business activity ranges from synthetic fibers to chemicals, plastics, engineering services, packaging and textile machinery.RadiciSpandex offers an extensive line of elastane / spandex fibers to meet the needs of any stretch or elastication application. This product line is backed by Market Product Managers and Product Performance teams that are supported by a fully functional Technical Customer Service support laboratory and staff that understands every market application. Several different and specifically engineered polymers provide the exact match for all end-use physical and chemical performance requirements. From chlorine resistance to high heat resistance and soft retractive power RadiciSpandex has a spandex fiber suited for every need. Address: 125 Hartwell Street Fall River, MA 02721 Fax: (508) 674-3580 Email: info@radicispandex.com

fashion directory  Saehan (Korea) was established in 1972 with the capital and technology of Cheil Synthetic Fiber Inc., which was an affiliated company of Samsung. Since then, Saehan has been a leading company in the domestic synthetic and chemical fiber industry for more than 3 decades. Saehan specifically focused its resources in manufacturing high valued added products. Saehan has imported collective manufacturing systems, which connected the textile business unit from the Gyungsan plant with the polyester staple fiber (PSF) processing line from the Gumi plant.

fashion directory  SaSa AP  (Turkey): Manufacturer of polyester staple fiber, filament and resins for the nonwovens, textiles and packaging industries. Member of the Sabancy Holding Group.

fashion directory  Shinkong Synthetic Fiber Corp (Taiwan) Manufacturers of polyester staple fiber, filament and microfiber for the textiles and nonwovens industries. Also, polyester chips, films and sheets, yarns, and engineering plastics for industrial end uses. English and Chinese.

fashion directory  Shinta Group (Indonesia): Indonesia based textile group manufacturing polyester, fiber and yarn.

fashion directory  Sonmez Holding (Turkey): Diversified group of manufacturing and service providing companies, active in trade, tourism, transportation, textiles, publishing and communications, insurance, packaging and construction. Staple fibers, filaments and yarns for the textile and nonwovens industries, from polyester. Also, suppliers of cotton and viscose fibers. English and Turkish.

fashion directory  Swicofil AG Textile Services (Switzerland): Swicofil has developed a strategy to concentrate on high quality products and innovative specialities for niche markets. With these specialities their customers are able to meet highest quality and service demands. If you are looking for solutions and special products Swicofil is the right partner to solve/find them.  In today's difficult times they are very positive that this philosophy is going along with their customers efforts to develop new products for new applications.  Address: Gerliswilstr. 23 Emmenbruecke CH-6021 Switzerland  Phone:  0041 41 2679024  Fax:  0041 41 2679229 Email: swicofil@swicofil.com  Contact:  Beda Ricklin

fashion directory  Tergal Fibres  (France) Polyester fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens manufacturing. Spun dyed staple fiber for nonwoven automotive and disposable hygiene products. Also, polyester resins for bottle manufacturing. English, French and German.

fashion directory  Toray: Toray Group fuses nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry as its core technologies. In addition to the Foundation Businesses of fibers & textiles and plastics & chemicals, Toray likewise promotes the global development of IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, environment & engineering including water treatment and progress in other pivotal business fields. The features of Torays fibers & textile business are: (1) their product line encompasses all three major groups of synthetic fibers nylon, polyester, and acrylic; in this business,(2) Toray is known for its capacity to meet requests for supplying a diverse range of products, from filament yarns and staple fibers to textiles and garments; (3) applications for their products widely range from apparel to industrial materials including car airbags, seat belts, and bag filters. On the top of that, sales of advanced materials, such as fluorine fiber and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber, are also expanding. Utilizing global manufacturing bases such as filament yarn, staple fiber, and textile manufacturing facilities, Toray not only facilitates production and sales in the most appropriate regions, but also provide a global operational structure that organically links these bases. To create a business structure that ensures steady earnings, Toray's fibers & textile business as a Foundation Business is developing new products, constructing a new supply chain management system, expanding its sewn products business, and broadening its overseas operations.

fashion directory  Toyobo Inc (Japan) Multi-national manufacturer of technical fibers, microfibers, high quality polyster fibers through sophisticated recycling of polyester bottles, textile and spunbond fabrics, yarns and apparel, industrial films, plastics and resins, bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

fashion directory  Trevira GmbH  (Germany) Multi-national Manufacturing company, active in polyester fibers, filaments and yarns, for apparel, furnishing and industrial uses. Searchable database of materials, services and manufacturers. Extensive product information and specifications. Part of the Trevira Group. English, German, French, Spanis and Italian.

fashion directory  Tuntex Co., Ltd (Thailand) Polyester staple fiber for nonwovens and yarn manufacturing applications. Also, polyester chips, and a variety of continuous filament yarns for weaving and knitting. Detailed product specifications.

fashion directory  Wellman,Inc (USA): Multi-national company, manufacturing polyester chips, engineering resins, fiber and filament. High quality fibers from recycled polyester. Maintains its own international collection operation for recycable polyester. English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

fashion directory  W.W Plastic Ningbo Co. Ltd.com (China): China Polyester & Polypropylenes Staple Fiber Manufacturer is a professional manufacturer and exporter polyester, polypropylenes staple fiber, yarn, non-woven, plastic materials. It's a professional manufactory. The company was founded in 1990 with more than USD1600 million investment. Through research and development, uninterrupted improvement technique, products are sold far to Southeast Asia and European countries, and are praised highly by foreign clients. Contact: Mike Ge e-mail: sales5@2wtextile.com

They can supply the products to you as follow:

(1) Polyester Fiber for Contton Spinning:
1.2-1.4-1.5denier x 32-38-44-51mm/semidull raw white

(2) PSF Hollow conjugated Silicon Fiber:
6-7-15-18denier x 32-51-64mm suitable for high elasticity bedding and
clothes'inner lining

(3) PSF Hollow Silicon Fiber:
3-6-7-15-18denier x 32-51-64mm suitable for filling materials of
sofa,furniture and toys
(4) 4/6/8 Hole Fiber suitable for producing goods with high elasticity
and good silkness

(5) Polyester Fiber for Weaving:
1.4-1.5denier x 32-38-44-51mm/ semidull 
(6) Polyester Fiber for Non-Woven Fabric:
1.4-1.5-2-3-6denier x 32-38-51-64mm/semidull

3-4-6-7-15-18denier x 32-51-64mm suitable for spinning high quality