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Synthetic fibers are the result of extensive research by scientists to improve on naturally occurring animal and plant fibers.  In general, synthetic fibers are created by extruding fiber forming materials through spinnerets into air and water, forming a thread. Before synthetic fibers were developed, artificially manufactured fibers were made from polymers obtained from petro chemicals.

fashion directory  The fiber Society (United States): Based in the Clemson University. Non-profit professional and scientific association, dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge pertaining to fibers, fiber products and fibrous materials.  The Society was founded in 1941 and is incorporated as a nonprofit professional and scientific association. The general management and supervision of the Society is delegated to the Governing Council, which is elected by and from the membership.

fashion directory  Fibrous Materials Research Center (United States): Non-profit organization, based in Drexel University, dedicated to applied research in net-shape, high damage tolerant composites, smart composites, nano-scale fibers, and medical and industrial textiles.

fashion directory  Institute of Chemical fibers (Poland): Basic and applied research in the fields of natural polymers and their applications in fiber manufacturing, and production processes and technologies for chemical fibers.

fashion directory  Optimer, Inc (United States): Commercial research company, active in the development of new polymers, fibers and fiber finishing technologies, and high-performance fabric construction. Proprietory polyester fiber for specialty yarns. Elastomeric fiber from recycled plant by-products for sports wear. Also, contract development and performance testing of fabrics and garments.

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