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The natural fibers are vegetable, animal, or mineral in origin. Some of the natural fibers like vegetable fibers are obtained from the various parts of the plants. They are provided by nature in ready-made form. It include the protein fibers such as wool and silk, the cellulose fibers such as cotton and linen.

fashion directory  Cape Wools SA (South Africa) Non-profit company, established and owned by farmers and industry, and involved in wool textile research and development, technology transfer, promotion, and collection and processing of market information and statistics.

fashion directory  Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (United States): International institute for research, education and promotion of cashmere and camel hair products. Garment care and labeling guides. Links to organizations and test facilities.

fashion directory  Cooperative Research Centre for Wool (Australia) Non-profit venture between government, universities and industry, dedicated to research and education on wool fiber, applications and processing technologies.

fashion directory  The Cotton Corporation of India, Ltd (India): Governmental marketing organization for the local cotton industry. Research and development activities. Price support, commercial and export services to growers, processors and textile manufacturers.

fashion directory  Cotton Foundation (United States): Research and education arm of the North American cotton growers associations and allied industries. Library of technical studies and research articles.

fashion directory  DWI. German Wool Research Institute (Germany) Department of the University of Technology in Aachen, Germany. Fundamental and applied research on wool and its uses in the textile industry. Cooperative industrial projects. Seminars and conferences. English and German.

fashion directory  European Fine Fibre Network (Europe) Project of the European Commission, gathering researchers, producer organizations and textile manufacturers, and engaged in research and development on the production and processing of high quality animal textile fibers of European origin.

fashion directory  IJIRA. Indian Jute Industries Research Association (India): Autonomous cooperative research and development laboratory, funded by the Indian government and jute industry. Technology transfer and consultancy. Testing and certification services. Some feature articles on the utilization of jute fiber.

fashion directory  INF. Institute of Natural Fibres (Poland) Interdisciplinary research center, dedicated to applied research in the development and processing of natural fibers for textile applications. Also, spinning technologies and machine design. English and Polish

fashion directory  NCJD. National Centre for Jute Diversification (India): Jute fiber promotion institute, involved in the commercialization of technologies for the manufacture of jute products. Services and support for research, design, development and marketing.

fashion directory  The Organic Cotton Site (United States): The Sustainable Cotton Project, which was founded to search for, develop and promote ways to grow clean, chemical and pesticide free cotton.

fashion directory  WRONZ. Wool Research Organization of New Zealand (New Zealand) Non-profit research and development organization, concerned with the science and technology of New Zealand wool processing and products.

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