IoT Fashion is the Stylish Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things isn't just about connected devices, it's about the information those devices collect & transmit.

The fashion industry is highly driven by trends.  How are trends evaluated?  Well, data is helpful.

IoT is a fabulous technology that automates the world around us by allowing our systems to connect & interact with people & objects.  The fashion industry can connect with retail systems, customers, manufacturers, products.  The internet provides tremendous opportunities for the garment & textile industry.

In addition to the many advantages created by devices incorporated into wearable technology image a world with no longer worrying about lost clothing, shoes, or sunglasses.  Can't our lost clothes let us know where they are located by using IoT technology?

How can it all happen?

Stitching of sensors onto or into fabric.  Possibly directly into the threads or yarns rather into the completed fabric.  The future methods have exciting possibilities.  Maybe a drop of dye or textile printing ink can contain the technology needed to connect our clothing to the internet.

What can IoT do for consumers and the fashion industry?  What are current or future possibilities?

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Wearable technology can be utilized to collect & transmit data.  The fashion industry can work with companies such as Microsoft to figure out how to properly manage the data.

According to Microsoft Azure, "IoT enables your organization to analyze and act on data, allowing you to make smart decisions in real-time. With the timely and relevant insights about your business and customers that come with these new sources of data, there's great potential for industries of all kinds—including manufacturing, transportation, energy, agriculture, retail, and government—to operate more efficiently and provide new value to customers by implementing the right IoT solution".  Learn more about Azure

What sort of information do you think clothing, shoes, eyewear, etc., should collect?

Would it be nice to have a "smart closet"?  Can our closet manage our clothing & order new fashion when the time is right?

The world is ready for smart clothes, smart stores, smart mirrors, and so much more.

The future of the fashion industry and its use of the Internet of Things is very exciting.  We all look forward to learning more about how IoT fashion evolves over the next years & decades.

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Summary of Fashion Industry Technology

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