Kip Leather for the Fashion Industry
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What is kip leather?

Kip is the untanned hide of a young or small animal, such as a calf, lamb, or young goat.  The leather made from such hide is called kip leather.

Kip leather (Kipskin) was recently introduced to the market and is used to create high-end gloves.  Kip leather hide is from younger cattle, producing a softer leather that is easier to break-in (durability can potentially become an issue).

Kip leather is one of the types of leathers to be used to make baseball gloves.  Kip leather cowhide is soft & luxurious and used by some of the best baseball glove manufacturing companies in the world.   Kip leather tends to be lighter in weight as compared to other cowhide.  This makes kip leather a preferred material for high-end baseball gloves where quick hands are key.

Kip leather can also be utilized for shoes, handbags, purses, and other types of leather products.

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