Limited Editions - yes, they are more rare than mass production

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Production that has a limited edition is produced in low quantities.  A limited edition is a collectible product that is advertised to be limited to a relatively small number of copies.  A limited edition is sometimes referenced as a special edition, or collectors edition.

Designers can restrict the number of garments, shoes or fashion accessories that are production.

Sometimes, but not always the items are numbered to indicate how many are produced.  For example, if the designer create only one thousand of an item they may be numbered to indicate:

When luxury fashion brands or designers sell limited editioned product for the first time, they can potentially sell them in number order if they are being sold online of in fashion boutiques. If there is a lot of demand for the edition, they can potentially raise the price of the remaining unsold garments or footwear.

Bespoke fashion can be considered limited edition but not necessarily numbered.  Technically a custom made garment would be a one of a kind.

Sneakers have a strong collectible market.  Over the past two decades their has been a wide variety of special & limited edition shoes to hit the market.

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Have you heard about sneaker NFTs?  Sneaker NFTs are limited edition digital assets.

You can find exclusive & limited edition clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories in the fashion metaverse.

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If you are looking for limited edition jewelry, you may want to learn about Super Bowl rings.  Those are rings that are manufactured in limited quantities.

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Limited Editions = Limited Quantities

Because it is hand made, artisan fashion is produced in limited quantities.