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A market or market place is an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods.  This could be a flea market, store, or any other location to buy and sell product.

What is fashion market week?

Market week is a time period in which clothing, footwear, or accessory buyers travel to a particular location to plan their purchases for the season.  For example, for New York Market Week, clothing store buyers will travel to NY to meet with various apparel wholesalers.  They will review the new collections and make decisions regarding which vendors they plan to utilize.  Market Week is a good time for buyers to meet with new vendors as well as vendors that they have purchased from in the past.

Prior to market week, sales people from the clothing stores contact buyers with the goal of getting them to come and visit their showrooms.  The idea is that sales people need to capture the attention of buyers when they are traveling to their city.  The concept is similar to making appointment for trade show meetings, but in this example buyers will come to the sales persons showroom (their office).

Fashion market week allows designers to present new fashionable garments to buyers.  They present product and take official purchase orders from buyers.

Is Market Week the same as Fashion Week?

No, it is not.  Completely different.  Fashion Week is comprised of runway shows so that fashion designers can showcase their latest collections to retailers and the press.  It is not a place for buyers to sit with designers to place official orders to purchase product.  Fashion Week is primarily to display merchandise to buyers, celebrities, and the press.  The events are not arranged specifically to “sell” the product.  The hopes are that buyers will like what they see, but it is not the place to make the actual purchases.  Read the fashion week definition to learn more.

Where is Fashion Market Week?

Market Week takes place in various locations.  Primarily major cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.

In addition to taking place in large merchandise marts, market week is also very relevant to individual wholesaler showrooms.

Below are a few examples of merchandise marts around the United States.

Los Angeles Fashion Market: CMC is an essential resource for buyers during Los Angeles Fashion Market, presenting downtown's most comprehensive selection of brands for Women, Men, Kids & Home in every price point & market niche. Find hundreds of the season's newest collections in permanent Showrooms and Exhibitor Show Areas located throughout the CMC.  Visit the CMC website to see LA Fashion Market Week dates.  California Market Center

Dallas Market

Atlanta Market

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Men's market week and women's market week are generally not the same dates.  The menswear & womenswear fashion market each beat to their own drum.

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