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Dance-punk fashions include day-glo colors, phat pants, glowsticks, leather studded jackets, chains and combat boots. Typical haircuts include spiky hair bleached blond, short mohawks and synthetic dreadlocks.

Dance-punk (also known as disco-punk or punk funk) is a music genre that emerged in the late 1970s, and is closely associated with the post-punk and new wave movements.  Many groups in the post-punk era adopted a more rhythmic tempo, conducive to dancing. These bands were influenced by disco, synth and other dance music popular at the time as well as being anticipated by some of the 1970s work of Sparks, Iggy Pop, and some recordings by the German groups referred to as Krautrock.

Dance-punk was revived among some bands of the garage rock/post-punk revival in the early years of the new millennium, particularly acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Clinic, Death From Above 1979, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Faint, The Rapture and Radio 4, joined by dance-oriented acts who adopted rock sounds such as Out Hud, or Californian acts like !!! and Moving Units. In the early 2000s Washington, D.C. had a popular and notable punk-funk scene, inspired by Fugazi, post-punk, and go-go acts like Trouble Funk and Rare Essence, including bands like Q And Not U, Black Eyes, and Baltimore's Oxes, Double Dagger, and Dope Body.

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