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The fashion industry does not like typing out long website page addresses.  It is not trendy to have to do all of that typing.  Web designers can use tiny URL services to shorten web page addresses. 

Below are examples of a long website address turned into a shorter page address:

Our wholesale women's fashion page has a long address as https://www.apparelsearch.com/wholesale_clothing/womens/wholesale_womens.htm by using an online URL shortening tool it can turn into http://bit.ly/womens-wholesale-fashion (you may be able to find an even shorter version depending on what is still available at the website page shortening websites.

Below are some more examples of shortened URL's.

Activewear - http://bit.ly/activewear-clothing

Activewear verse Sportswear - http://bit.ly/sportswear_activewear

Sportswear - http://bit.ly/sportswear-clothing

Drop Shipping - http://bit.ly/drop-ship-clothing

Designer Jeans - http://bit.ly/designer-jeans-brand

Clothing Wholesalers - http://bit.ly/clothing-wholesaler

Vintage Clothing Wholesaler - http://bit.ly/vintage-clothes

Wholesale Halloween Costumes - http://bit.ly/wholesale-halloween-costumes

Popular Fashion Brands - http://bit.ly/popular-brand-fashion

Wholesale Children's Clothing - http://bit.ly/wholesale-childrens-fashion

Wholesale Men's Clothing - http://bit.ly/mens-wholesale-clothing

Apparel Industry - http://bit.ly/about_apparel_industry

Daily Deals - http://bit.ly/daily-deals-fashion

Fashion Rebates - http://bit.ly/fashion-rebates

Black Friday Sales - http://bit.ly/black-friday_sales

Cyber Monday Sales - http://bit.ly/cyber-monday-fashion

Back to School Clothing - http://bit.ly/back-to-school-sales

Holiday Sales - http://bit.ly/holiday-sale-clothing

Fashion Sales - http://bit.ly/clothing-sales

Search Engines - http://bit.ly/search-fashion

Samples Sales - http://bit.ly/fashion-sample-sale

Apparel Search Portal - http://bit.ly/fashion-portal

Amazon Fashion - http://bit.ly/amazon-fashion-store

Retail Math - http://bit.ly/retail-math

Are you bored of viewing shortened fashion website page addresses yet?  To be honest, I am getting rather tired of typing these examples out for you.  You really should have a fairly decent understanding of the concept by now.  Just in case you don't fully grasp the concept on how it is simple to decrease the size of URL's, I will add a few more examples.

Clothing Store Locations - http://bit.ly/clothing-retailer

Clothing Store Names - http://bit.ly/clothing_stores

Beauty Products - http://bit.ly/beauty-cosmetic

Fashion Company - http://bit.ly/fashion-company

Clothing Definitions -  http://bit.ly/fashion-definitions

More Shortened Website Page Addresses

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.

Below is access to a few more examples of the tiny URL's that we have made to show you how the concept works.

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