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Bancomext  / Mexico-Trade
Trade Commission of Mexico

The National Chamber of Textile Industry (CANAINTEX)

Mexican Ministry of Commerce and Industry

  Acafintex (Mexico) : based in Mexico, they provide a finishing process and dyeing process to textiles.  They can process articles from 1.00 meter to 3.40 width applying different finishes and conditions. They have top of the line finishing technology, accomplishing the use of special products like: Repellent Finishes: , Water , Oil , Dust , Dirt , Scotch Garde , Non-ignition products. , Wrinkle-free products , Permanent Pressing , Wash & Wear , Anti bacterial products.  They have top of the line technology for the dying of fabrics as well as the versatility to accomplish the best penetration during the process. There are several needs for the dying of fabrics, therefore, our gamma covers a 100% of the demands. Depending of the requirements of the article, we can dye with the following colorants: , Scattered Dyes , fiber Reactive Dyes , Direct Dyes , Naftoles Dyes , Sulfurous Dyes , Acids Dyes As a company that does commission dyeing, they are updated with top of the line technology in our machinery as well as versatility to cover world wide markets. They can dye: , Cotton , Polyester , Linen , Rayon , Acrylic , Nylon , Lycra , Tinsel , Acetate , Wool , And its blends.

  Adolfo Ruiz: they sell wool felt hat machinery, for wool felt hat manufactures.  Address: Ambers No. 38 Tercer Piso Mexico City 06600 MEXICO  Phone: (52) 52-07-26-35 Fax: (52) 52-07-26-35  Email: Contact: Adolfo Ruiz

  Avante Textil (Distribuidora De Textiles Avante C.V) is a 100% Mexican company with over 10 years of experience in the textile industry, and it is Mexico's largest manufacturer of knit products from yarn to fabric to finish apparel. Avante Textil has 5 production plants located all around Mexico state and sells its products in the domestic market as well as in the USA and Canada. Its over 5000 employees work with the highest quality and efficiency to achieve a common goal which is to satisfy the needs of the Mexican and export market.  In order to have a completely integrated facility, Dying, Finishing and Sewing plants were established.  Producing mainly 100% cotton Jersey t-shirts and all kind of tops and underwear from different fabrics like cotton/polyester and cotton/ lycra.  

  Colecciones Finas S.A. de C.V.: they have the experience on all kind of uniforms.  They will be glad to know what you need and they will contact you.  Address:  Jose Ma. Pino Suarez 81 2 piso Mexico City 06090 Mexico Phone:  52 5 542 05 07 or 52 5 5 22 07 61  Fax:  52 5 5 42 21 52  Email: Contact: Emilio Penhos K.

  Confecciones Gontex S.A. de C.V.: GONTEX has distinguished itself for the creation of the best designs with a touch of good taste and always in the latest fashion trends, offering a complete line of clothes and accesories for kids and teenagers from six months to sixteen years old.  Address: Privada de Rivera 110, Centro Aguascalientes, Ags.  20070 Mexico Phone:  (52) 4 9167088  Fax:  (52) 4 9158088  Email: 


  Embassy of Mexico

  Finacril SA: Mexico. Manufacturers of acrylic staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, tow, tops and yarns. Textile fabric from natural and man-made fiber for home furnishing and fashion. Member of the Kaltex Group. English, French and Spanish.

  Grupo Colors

Grupo Kaltex (Mexico): is a textile company that is 100% Mexican.  Vertically integrated, by enterprises which manufacture the following products: synthetic fiber, yarn, fabrics, garment, textile home products

  Industrias Argaman, S.A. de C.V.:  leading the Mexican market in Children's clothing.  All in the Buisness, from Design thru Sales Stores, exporting to U.S.A.   They have the latest in Technology (Lectra Systems).  Address:  Calle Union #126  Col. Pantitlan, Deleg. Iztacalco Mxico, D.F. 08100  Mexico  Phone:  (52) 57 58 96 59 or  (52) 55 58 90 55  Email:  Contact:  Ing. Jos Gabriel Sigg Guzmn / Director de Corte

  Industrias Macys SA de CV: They specialize in Sleepwear and Fully Lined Jackets and Skirts under CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) or CM (Cut & Make) and Full Package Programs.  The management of the company is being held by the Penhos family since 1969 and the Export Division is directed by Saleh Penhos. He has more than 8 years in the export field with in depth knowledge of the International Commerce.

They have experience in two main lines:

1. Fully lined Jackets, skirts and pants for women in a wide range of fabrics like 100% wool, 50% polyester 50% viscose gabardines, 100% polyester fabrics, etc. We know how to use fusing and special processes as well as 100% acetate or polyester taffetas. 

2. Sleepwear in 100% polyester charmeuse with items like robes, chemises, baby dolls, short PJ sets with lace appliqu's and edges. We know also how to work with georgettes, chiffons, denier 15, mesh and other special fabrics. In this division we also carry panties in different fabrics like polyester-elastane blends, cotton elastane blends, 100% cotton, etc.

Address:  JM Izazaga 99-8  Colonia Centro  Mexico City,  Mexico 06090
Phone: +52 (5) 709-7620  Fax: +52 (5) 709-1588  Email:  Contact: Saleh Penhos


  La Camara Mexicana de la Industria Textil Central

  The Manufacturing Co.: they are an expanding manufacturing company. They are located on the U.S. Mexico Border,(Matamoros, Tamps). They are currently opening a new section in their manufacturing facility. This section will produce Bullet proof vests. They can take care of all the sewing needs. Address: Ignacio Ramirez #14-A 1st & Tamaulipas Colonia Jardin Matamoros 87330 Mexico Phone: (956) 533-2150 or (868) 816-60-00 Email:  Contact: Juan Ramon Marquez Garcia

  Martinez & Nunez, S.C.: They are a law firm in Mexico, provide legal services to the textile industry in Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents), Corporate Law and International Commerce.  Address: Aniceto Ortega 817, desp.201, Col. del Valle Mexico city, Mexico  03100   Phone:  (52) 55756204  Fax:   (52) 5 5756204 EXT. 14  Email:  Contact: Mr. Daniel Nunez

  Mexican Institute of Transport

  Mexico Textile 2002 (Trade Show): is the only exhibition of its kind, which have textil supplies and products manufacturers, traders and consuming industries in one only business center.

  M&O Knits Grupo Moyel: vertical t-shirt manufacturer.

  Plastic Tags: they produce rubber patches and leather badges.  They would be pleased to give you a quote   Address: Volcan Quinceo 105 - B, Zapopan  45060 Mexico  Phone:  (01152 ) 3180-6756    Fax:  (01152) 3180-6756  Email:  Contact:  Abraham Morales Solar

  Plus Textil del Norte S.A. de C.V.: they convert fabrics specially stretch knits, with the content are polyester, nylon and lycra, solids and printed by differents process; they can make your special colors and designs according for the season or your specific requires for women's garment manufacturers. Their fabrics are convert in California USA and they have their warehouse in Monterrey, Mexico. The stock can be delivery in any place of America. Also they can sell to retailers and jobbers in lowest prices by container, closeouts in first quality goods. Address: Ave. San Angel 4546 Monterrey, N.L. 64870 Mexico Phone: (52)818-3657110 or (52)818-3655353 Fax: (52)818-3657112 Email:  Contact: Guillermo Villasana

  Promotora Artex, s.a. de c.v.: all kind of woven label, small & large orders, fast delivery, low price. 
Address:  Oceano Indico 514  Colonia Linda v\Vista Leon, gto. 37300 Mexico  Phone:  52 (4) 717 08 93 or 52 (4) 718  07 16  Fax:   52 (4) 773 00 73 Email:   Contact: Jesus Cornejo  (Manager)

  SERIKRON, SA de CV: garment printing factory.  They can print on complete garments or cut pieces.  Address:
Tenayuca # 25-C, Col. San Bartolo Tenayuca, Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mexico CP 54150 Tel: 52 55 5388-7000 Fax: 52 55 5388-9444   E-mail:  Attn: Moises Krongold


  Siete Leguas: Jean factory.  Full package contractor of private label manufacturer.


  Stonefield Josephs Inc. (Consulting) professional team of Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants  dedicated to increasing profitability and solving problems. They integrate their accounting, tax and business management experience to anticipate your needs and provide practical advice.

  Store USA Jeans

  Textiles Unidos S.A. de C.V.: Mexican Company with almost 50 years in the Market, also export to the U.S., Canada and Central and South America.  They are a vertical company having their own spinning, weaving and finishing (dyeing and printing) plants. Their production is of over 2  million meters per month
and they also work as well with some companys doing maquilas for them, printing or dyeing their polyester, rayon and cotton fabrics.  One of their main specialties is Polyester Satins.  Address:  Fco. I. Madero No. 32 San Esteban 53560 Mexico  Phone:  (52728) 50899  Fax:  (52728) 23143  Email:   Contact:  Alice Steinerova (Import-Export Manager)

  United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

  Viziflex (Mexico): Contract sewing for the clothing and packaging industries.

  Yazbek: t-shirt manufacturer.

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