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Welcome to the Haggar Job Search at Apparel Search.  Type your favorite fashion company into the engine and find employment listings in the apparel industry, footwear industry, or textile industry  On this page, you will "hopefully" find career opportunities at Haggar.  If you do not find what you are searching for, we suggest you go directly to the Haggar website and contact their human resources department.  You can find Haggar by using the Clothing B2B search engine if you can not find them easily here at Apparel Search.

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In business, it's common sense that you don't give away the secrets to your success. But at Haggar, there's one part of their formula that they don't mind sharing: their diversity.  Sure a lot of companies feed you lip service about "fostering a diverse corporate environment," but at Haggar they really believe it. That's because the different kinds of people they employ bring different kinds of ideas to the table. One of the things they pride themselves on is being one of the most innovative apparel companies around. And it's those different kinds of people with all their different kinds of ideas that help them do that. Take the guy who said, "Hey, what if we made Unbreakable Buttons?" For example. Not a bad idea. Or the lady who said, "Yeah, and what about Unbustable Seams." There's another great, innovative idea. So you get the point. When they say "we're all about diversity", they mean it, because it helps them s do what they have been doing for over 80 years: providing you the best in men's and women's apparel you can buy, guaranteed. 

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