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  The evolution of denim is going full circle, with contemporary denim brands and designers embracing the authentic vintage looks found in denim's culture rich history.

Mpdclick looks at the rise of authentic denim in premium and mass markets, the key shapes, washes and distress techniques to buy into, and the importance of Japanese denim to your brand, whilst providing you with a timeline through the decades of authenticity.

flickr/library of congress - 1950's workers wearing denim

flickr/lovebuzz - 1990's grunge denim

montebello - the latest denim techniques

topshop unique - 2008' runway denim resurgence

acne - today's premium look

flickr/iron heart denim - Japanese selvage denim

Above is only a very brief sampling...

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At Mudpie they appreciate the demands made on busy professionals working in the fashion and creative industries. With eighteen years experience in the adult, youth and children's markets, they have developed a range of fashion services to help you deliver 'on-trend' garments, colours and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.

Mpdclick is a leading commercial online fashion trend forecasting service. Mpdclick offers the fashion industry designer, buyer and executive the global creative inspiration and consumer intelligence needed to succeed. A subscription to keeps you informed of rapidly changing fashion and consumer trends and provides creative inspiration, market research and a library of usable resources, 24 hours a day.

Trend Books : Their six leading trend, graphic, print, pattern and colour forecasting books provide the busy professional with hundreds of inspirational and practical garment and accessory styles, prints, and graphics every season.

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