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Falcon Engineers(India)  manufacturing and supplying spares for looms and autoconer machines. They have developed so many parts for the textile machines. They also supply you imported parts from Germany, Italy and other countries. Falcon Engineers provides replacement parts for the weaving machines and poy winder machines. They offer high quality, accurate products to the textile industries at affordable prices. They supply scissors and cutters for the automatic loom & winding machines. They supply yarn suction gun for the poy winder machines. Cards, nozzles, sensors for all types of looms. Heald wire, jets for all types of looms.
  • Weaving Machinery Spare Parts
  • Poy Winder Machines Spare Parts
  • Yarn Suction Cups for Winders
  • Yarn Splicers
  • Cutters for all types of looms and autoconer machines.
  • Rapier tapes
  • Rapier Wheel
  • Grippers
  • Sensors for Looms
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