Rib Knitting Machinery - for knitting fabric with ribs 1x1 rib, 2x2 rib etc.
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fashion directory  Fukahama (Taiwan): established in 1983 as a manufacturer of circular knitting machinery. They produce single jersey knitting machinery, body size single jersey machinery, body size rib knitting machinery etc.
  • Single Jersey Knitting Machinery
  • Rib Knitting Machinery

fashion directory  Monarch Knitting (United Kingdom): The Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961. The company has entered the new millennium, carrying with it a reputation as the world's leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines. This reputation has been built on many years of painstaking research and development, backed by a philosophy of continuous improvement. Monarch's long-standing partner in this process has been Fukuhara, a noted Japanese designer and builder of circular knitting machines for over 70 years. Monarch has offices in the USA, and international branches and factories in England, Japan and Canada.

fashion directory  Pai Lung Machinery Mill (Taiwan): There include single knitting machines (2/4 track, high speed and large diameter models), double knitting machines, rib mesh knitting machines (2/4 track and high speed models), and terry knitting machines (front-face loop, back-face loop, double face, and shearing models), and velour knitting machines.  Mechanical jacquard - Where jacquard Knitting machines (double knit, rib mesh transferred jacquard, and eye-let models) and mini jacquard knitting machines (single and double knit models). Computerized-controlled  - There are divided into main categories: computer controlled color knitting machines and computer jacquard knitting machines . computer controlled color knitting machines include: single and double knit 4/6 color stripper knitting machines and single knit 4/6 color pattern jacquard models . computer jacquard knitting machines include: single knit computer jacquard, double knit computer jacquard, rib mesh transferred pattern jacquard, single knit eye-let jacquard knitting machine, single knit float plating computer jacquard, terry jacquard models.  One of the characteristics of their knitting machines is that for any specific machine type they offer the widest range of gauge and diameter. Gauge can range from 10G to 42G, and diameter from 2 inches to 60 inches. Within there perimeters, Pai Lung is able to create a machine that meets the need of its customers, thereby establishing itself in a highly competitive position within the industry .

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