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Fashion Event Article Posted January 18, 2012


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For the 12th year running, this February 2010 will see the return of trade shows LondonEdge and London Central to London's Olymbia National Hall which is joined for the second time by The Ledge Show, increasing their sector coverage from alternative and streetwear to skatewear clothing, hardwear and accessories. This expansion and inclusion of the adrenalin sport exhibition continues to support the trade show and company as one going from strength to strength. In September the ground floor which houses LondonEdge and LondonCentral was extended to accommodate over 25 new exhibitors with a further interest of exhibitors this year.

Managing Director Carole Hunter said: "Encouragingly last season we had the highest UK attendance for some years with 62% Brit buyers and 38% overseas. This compares to 55% UK in February 2011. The UK buyers are back with a bang".

LondonEdge was first launched in February 2000 by Sandra Phillipson and Carole Hunter and in 2001 LondonCentral was also successfully launched alongside and the shows continued to grow and gain establishment within Olympia's National Hall. In September 2010 the face of LondonEdge changed forever when tragically Sandra died after a yearlong illness. This was a devastating blow to the whole team and in particular Sandra's daughter Kelin. However, a year later in September 2011, new business partners Kelin and Carole demonstrated their belief in the future by launching the Ledge concurrently with their established shows. Situated within the gallery but run independently of LondonEdge and LondonCentral, the Ledge is the UK's only Action Sports and Lifestyle trade show and is put together by people directly involved within Action Sports for Action Sports, which is what makes the difference.

The Ledge brings together a consortium of key brands within the Action Sports sector and showcases the strength and importance of each brand within today's market. The aim is to create an environment for retailers to view new and existing brands under one roof in a central London location. Action Sports brands really stand apart from everyday high street labels with an exciting point of difference, which is the message that needs to be re-Installed back into the industry.

"London Edge's plans to provide an Action Sports focused show can only be a good thing for the industry. I really hope the brands can see the potential of the event and get behind it". Phil Rowbottom - Surfdome "With the constant evolution of our Action Sports business, Frixon would relish the opportunity to view and experience the world's best Action Sports brands under one roof. The Ledge is the platform we need to make this happen" Dan Tancock -

The Ledge will also be hosting a 5 foot mini ramp supplied by King Ramps and endorsed by the one and only Sidewalk Surfer with a competition being held for some lucky winners to walk away with cash prizes.

Brands taking place include Etnies, DC Shoes and Element along with over 100 other brands taking which really shows the strength and power of the industry when it unites. This will show the retailers the importance of the show and that the organisers are working to provide a service to support and help the brands grow their business.


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