Cult of Individuality Denim Launches for Spring 2009, Helps Men Reclaim Their Youthful Spirit
Fashion Article Posted January 26, 200

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Cult of Individuality is a brand new men's denim line, launching in stores for Spring 2009. The line prides itself on well-fitting, well-priced jeans that remind men of their favorite old pair.  Retail price range is $135-$185, and the line has already been picked up by notable specialty stores such as Lisa Kline in Los Angeles, E Street Denim in Chicago, Bill Hallman in Atlanta, and South Moon Under in Maryland.

Every guy has a pair of favorite jeans, past or present. That one pair they
ve loved the most. That pair, no matter how old and beat up they may be, he just can't seem to part with because they are a canvas of his life experiences. That is what Cult of Individuality is all about; a pair of jeans that defines you and stirs those emotions. They
re weathered, worn, and personal.  Cult of Individuality jeans are inspired by classic cuts and vintage washes, and incorporate Japanese denim. Cult of Individuality jeans are designed to look and fit like you've had them for years.

Denim has always been a key element of fashion and a staple in every man's wardrobe. Jeans have become a cult phenomenon -- no matter your personal style, everyone is searching for the perfect pair. While everyone has a different definition of perfect, Cult of Individuality believes that jeans should feel like your own the moment you put them on.  With all the different styles and washes available, jeans have evolved into a form of self-expression and individuality. It was with this in mind that Cult of Individuality was born.

you've just found a long lost pair of jeans that went missing many years ago.

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