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Are you looking for a deal on fashion?  Give the clothing auctions a try.  Sure, their are many different auction sites that have sections for the buying and selling of clothing.  However, why waste your time.  After all, time is very precious.  Just go to the largest auction site so you can find the most fashion options.  Below you can search the clothing auctions by searching men's clothing, women's clothing or by fashion designer brands.

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Fashion Designer Brands - Clothing Auctions

If you plan to auction clothing, we suggest you turn to the auction company that you can trust.  When we need to start auctioning apparel, we will most likely turn to Ebay for our auctioning needs.  Certainly, you can try Sotheby's but that may be a bit of a stretch for auctioning clothing.  However, if you are looking to sell high end fashion couture, this may be a nice option for you.  Possibly you have some antique Victorian fashion to auction. If that is the case we suggest you educate yourself on fashion history before proceeding to auction.

TOP FASHION BRANDS: Buy the biggest names in fashion - top designers, latest styles.

DEEP DISCOUNTS: Save up to 80% from retail or MSRP - and free shipping.

LIMITED TIME: Don't wait - these sales last only 60 hours and items sell out quickly.

More about the Fashion Vault .

How long do eBay Fashion Vault sales events last?  Fashion Vault sales events last for two to three days only, and quantities of these luxury items are limited. If you see something you want, grab it fast. If you love it, chances are others will too, and we only have so many to go around.

How big are the discounts?  We work hard to offer you the best discounts possible and display the percentage off each item. To calculate the price difference and show you the savings percentage, we compare the selling price for the Fashion Vault item on eBay to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

eBay is one of the most popular internet fashion sites for purchasing clothing.   A great resource for fashionable, designer clothing, shoes and accessories.   If you are Looking for a Kate Spade purse, a Ralph Lauren top, or Seven jeans, eBay is a great place to launch your shopping experience.  They have an unbeatable selection for incredible prices on all of your favorite brands from great clothing stores like Old Navy, Abercrombie, and Hollister to hip items from popular designer brands such as Diesel, Coach and Juicy Couture, to couture pieces from Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  They even have an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind vintage items.  You can find wholesale clothing lots, affordable basics, and haute couture designer wear for men, women and children on eBay.  The Apparel Buying Guide at their site can help you pick the right shoes, purse, pants, skirt, sweater or top -- you name it!  The guide includes everything you need to know about fit, fabric, sizing, and basics of buying.   Now it is easier than ever to shop on eBay using their clothing attributes.  You can choose new in the product finder to make sure that those Nike basketball shoes you are looking for are brand new, or search by size to narrow your search to only size medium BCBG dresses.  You can even search by brands in handbags, so you can browse by Christian Dior, Vera Bradley, Hermes, and many more.  Did you spy a Gucci leather purse that you have to own?  Perhaps a Lacoste polo shirt that you cannot live without?  Many of their listings have the Buy-it-Now option, so you can nab your designer top, and even find a Marc Jacobs skirt, a pair of Chanel shoes and a Burberry scarf to complete your outfit; and own it all instantly.  Plus, PayPal is offered on over 90% of listings in the Apparel category, so you can bid and pay with confidence. So start shopping now for your clothing and fashion accessories at eBay!

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