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The section of our apparel industry directory that you are trying to reach is unfortunately under major renovation. 

As we continue working on our upgrades, we have a few suggestions for you below to make it easier for you during the transition.

Here are a few popular websites that provide regional information.  These are excellent resources for finding local fashion businesses.  You can utilize these sites to locate clothing stores, shoe stores, shopping outlet malls, boutiques, etc.

Google Local

Yahoo Local

Bing Places

Yellow Pages 


City Search

fashion industry guideWe suggest that you also visit the search engine page to further investigate the subject that you had been trying to research.  The engines on that page will allow you to search the entire internet for fashion relevant issues as well as other topics.

If you would like to search only the Apparel Search company websites, you can use our engine found on the Apparel Search main page.   For those of you that prefer to utilize a directory rather than a search engine, you can return to our fashion directory main page.

Those of you that would like to discuss your topic of interest with members of the garment industry, you can communicate with like-minded fashionistas at the Fashion Industry Network website.

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We are not sure the exact time or day that our directory upgrade project will be complete.  Our goal is to have everything up and running as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for using our website to learn about the clothing industry.

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