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Cellulose Acetate can be converted to a wide range of products from tough, clear, impact-resistant plastics to soft, drapeable, absorbent fabrics.  As a textile fiber, cellulose acetate processes well in both weaving and knitting operations, is readily dyed, and results in breathable fabrics with excellent aesthetics and comfort.  Cellulose acetate is a man made fibre of natural origin with specific characteristics which allow the production of beautiful, practical and comfortable fabrics, whether used on its own or mixed with other natural, artificial or synthetic yarn or fibers.

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Celanese Acetate : At Celanese Acetate, they are in the business of creating possibilities. As the world's largest acetate producer, they continually develop fresh, new ideas.  Innovative technology and some 3,000 people prepared to meet the needs of clients all over the globe.  They think that's a powerful combination. One that has helped them become the acetate manufacturer of choice in key markets including women's and men's apparel, linings, home fashions and various industrial end uses.

Mitsubishi Rayon Group : These semi-synthetic fibers, made mainly from natural pulp,have the feel of natural fibers and the special properties and reliability of synthetic fibers. Their gloss and silky feel is very close to those of high-quality silk. They take dyes easily and hang well.   Mitsubishi Rayon Group companies are also engaged in the production of textiles, principally made from acetate fibers and polyester fibers. By combining various fibers, functional textiles with a variety of textures and colors can be created.

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