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Apparel Search has several main category sections that specialize in specific aspects of the fashion industry such as MANUFACTURING, RETAILING, WHOLESALING etc.  

We allow limited companies to place advertisements on the main page of certain key category areas of our site.  In summary, those pages receive more visibility and therefore are priced higher than some of our other pages.

A few additional examples of our special category pages are as follows.

Fashion - access point to various resources regarding fashion, style, and our industry.

Fashion Designers - general access to fashion designer information such as bios, news, collections, etc.

Clothing Components - this section is for garment manufacturers looking for trims & notions used for the manufacturing of clothing, shoes, or accessories.  For example, this is the access point to finding fabric, zippers, buttons, clothes hangers, garment labels, etc.

Countries - access various aspects of the international fashion industry.  See what is happening in Italy, France, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, and the United Kingdom.

CMT Factories - clothing factories are of huge importance to the apparel industry.  The cut make and trim section provides easy access to various clothing manufacturers from around the world.

Apparel Industry Machinery - in order to produce clothes, shoes, handbags, t-shirts, etc., textile and apparel making machinery and equipment is generally required. This section provides access to various resources relevant to textile machinery.

Fashion News - style moves at a fast pace and reading current fashion news is important to most people that work in the apparel industry as well as consumers.  This section of our site is a good place to find people that may be interested in your products or services.

Pricing: $280. per month

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If you are not sure which pages on our site are category pages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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