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Cosmetics are utilized for a variety of purposes.  One purpose to to decorate the face or body.  For decorative purposes cosmetic products can be applied to the face (on the skin, lips, eyebrows and eyes), to the body (on the skin, in particular the hands and nails), and to the hair.

Makeup is the subset of cosmetics that are intended to alter appearance or be decorative.  Makeup primarily refers to products containing color pigments intended for the purpose of altering the wearer's appearance.

A few of the key decorative cosmetic product categories:

Bronzer is a powder, cream or liquid product that adds color to the skin, typically in bronze or tan shades intended to give the skin a tanned appearance and enhance the color of the face. Bronzer, like highlighter, may also contain substances providing a shimmer or glitter effect, and comes in either matte, semi-matte, satin, or shimmer finishes.

Concealer is a cream or liquid product used to conceal marks or blemishes of the skin. It is also referenced as a color corrector.  Concealer is typically the color of the user's skin tone, and is generally applied after the face has been primed to even out the wearer's skin tone before foundation can be applied. Concealer is usually more heavily pigmented, higher coverage and thicker than foundation or tinted primers. Though concealer is often more heavy duty in terms of pigment and consistency than foundation, a number of different formulations intended for different styles of use - such as a lighter concealer for the eyes and a heavier concealer for stage makeup - are available, as well as color correcting concealers intended to balance out discoloration of the skin specifically.

Eyebrow pencils, creams, waxes, gels, and powders are used to color, fill in, and define the brows. Eyebrow tinting treatments are also used to dye the eyebrow hairs a darker color, either temporarily or permanently, without staining and coloring the skin underneath the eyebrows.  In humans, eyebrows serve two main functions: prevention of sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket. The second function is communication through facial expression.  It is common for people to modify their eyebrows by means of hair removal and makeup.

Eyeliner decorative cosmeticsEyeliner is used to enhance and elongate the apparent size or depth of the eye; though eyeliner is commonly black, it can come in many different colors, including brown, white and blue. Eyeliner can come in the form of a pencil, a gel or a liquid. Eye liner is commonly used in a daily make-up routine to define the eye or create the look of a wider or smaller eye. Eye liner can be used as a tool to create various looks as well as highlighting different features of the eyes. Eye liner can be placed in various parts of the eye to create different looks with a winged eye liner or tight lined at the waterline. Eye liner can be drawn above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both, even on the water lines of the eyes. Its primary purpose is to make the lashes look lush, but it also draws attention to the eye and can enhance or even change the eye's shape. Eye liner is available in a wide range of hues, from the common black, brown and grey to more adventurous shades such as bright primary colors, pastels, frosty silvers and golds, white and even glitter-flecked colors.  Types of eyeliner includes liquid, powder, wax-based, kohl, gel & shimmer.

Eyeshadow is a powder, cream or liquid pigmented product used to draw attention to, accentuate and change the shape of the area around the eyes, on the eyelid and the space below the eyebrows. Eyeshadow is typically applied using an eye shadow brush, with generally small and rounded bristles, though liquid and cream formulations may also be applied with the fingers. Eye-shadow is available in almost every color, as well as being sold in a number of different finishes, ranging from matte finishes with sheer coverage to glossy, shimmery, glittery and highly pigmented finishes. Many different colors and finishes of eye shadow may be combined in one look and blended together to achieve different effects.  Eye shadow is usually applied with brushes, sponges or fingers. Different brushes can be used for different application techniques and effects, such as packing on eye shadow, blending, smudging or smoking out eye shadow, or applying color with precision or applying color below the eye. Flat brushes are typically used to pack eye shadow onto eyelids, while brushes with fluffy, tapered tips are used for blending eye shadows. Smaller brushes with dense or angled bristles are useful for precision work.

Face powder, setting powder, or setting sprays are used to 'set' foundation or concealer, giving it a matte or consistent finish whilst also concealing small flaws or blemishes. Both powders and setting sprays claim to keep makeup from absorbing into the skin or melting off. Whilst setting sprays are generally not tinted, setting powder and face powder can come in translucent or tinted varieties, and can be used to bake foundation in order for it to stay longer on the face. Tinted face powders may also be worn alone without foundation or concealer to give an extremely sheer coverage base.

False eyelashes are used to extend, exaggerate and add volume to the eyelashes. Consisting generally of a small strip to which hair - either human, mink or synthetic - is attached, false eyelashes are typically applied to the lash line using glue, which can come in latex and latex free varieties; magnetic false eyelashes, which attach to the eyelid after magnetic eyeliner is applied, are also available.

Foundation is a cream, liquid, mousse or powder product applied to the entirety of the face to create a smooth and even base in the user's skin tone. Foundation provides a generally lower amount of coverage than concealer, and is sold in formulations that can provide sheer, matte, dewy or full coverage to the skin.  Modern foundation can trace its roots to Carl Baudin of the Leipziger Stadt theatre in Germany. He is the inventor of greasepaint. He wanted to conceal the joint between his wig and forehead, so he developed a flesh-colored paste made of zinc white, ochre, and vermillion in lard. This formulation was so popular with other actors that Baudin began producing it commercially, and, as such, gave birth to the first theatrical makeup. One of the first commercially available foundation was Max Factor's Pan-Cake. Originally developed for use in film, actresses were so taken with the results that Max Factor was overwhelmed with demand for the product for their personal use. The breakthrough in his formula was the first "foundation and powder in one"; traditionally, an actor was made up with an oil/emollient-based make-up, which was then set with powder to reduce the reflection and ensure it would not fade or smudge. Pan-Cake used talc—rather than oil or wax—as the base, and, applied directly to the skin with a wet sponge, it offered enough coverage (it could be layered without caking on the skin) to eliminate the need for a foundation underneath. This was considered significantly more lightweight and natural-looking on the skin than the standard method, hence people's eagerness to wear the item in public. Color may be identified by a name, number, letter, or any combination of the three. However, unlike the Pantone or Munsell systems used in the art and fashion industries, commercial cosmetic product names are not standardized. If a make-up artist requests a "Medium Beige" foundation, the result can vary drastically from brand to brand, and sometimes, within one brand across different formulas. Cosmetic companies can also edit and adjust their formulations at any time, resulting in the 'Medium Beige' foundation a consumer has been wearing for years becoming a slightly different shade or colour without prior notice.  Cosmetic companies typically classify their foundations Warm, Neutral, Olive, or Cool based on matching the skin tone of the wearer. An issue that can arise when searching for a foundation shade is an inability to find a shade that suits the wearer. This may be because the prospective user cannot tell the undertone of their skin, but it can also be from available products not being light or dark enough to properly match the user's skin tone.

Highlighter is a liquid, cream or powder product applied to the high points of the face such as the eyebrows, nose and cheekbones. Highlighter commonly has substances added providing a shimmer or glitter effect. Alternatively, a lighter toned foundation or concealer can be used as a highlighter.  Highlighter is a type of cosmetic product that reflects light. Often used for contouring, it can be applied to the face or other parts of the body to brighten the skin on a given area, create the perception of depth and angles.

Lip products (lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and lip balms).  Lip products commonly add color and texture to the lips, as well as serving to moisturize the lips and define their external edges. Products adding color and texture to the lips, such as lipsticks and lip glosses, often come in a wide range of colors, as well as a number of different finishes, such as matte finishes and satin or glossy finishes. Other styles of lip coloration products such as lip stains temporarily saturate the lips with a dye, and typically do not alter the texture of the lips. Both lip color products and lip liners may be waterproof, and may be applied directly to the lips, with a brush, or with the fingers. Lip balms, though designed to moisturize and protect the lips (such as through the addition of UV protection) may also tint the lips.

Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or enhance the eyelashes through the use of a typically thick, cream consistency product applied with a spiral bristle mascara brush. the modern mascara product has various formulas; however, most contain the same basic components of pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives.  Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the upper and lower eyelashes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes.  Mascara comes in three primary forms: Liquid, Powder, Cream.  The most common form of mascara is a liquid in a tube with an application brush.

Nail polish is a liquid used to color the fingernails and toenails.  Transparent, colorless nail polishes may be used to strengthen nails or be used as a top or base coat to protect the nail or nail polish. Nail polish, like eye shadow, is available in every color and a number of different finishes, including matte, shimmer, glossy and crackle finishes.  Traditionally, nail polish started in clear, white, red, pink, purple, and black. Nail polish can be found in a diverse variety of colors and shades. Beyond solid colors, nail polish has also developed an array of other designs, such as crackled, glitter, flake, speckled, iridescent, and holographic.  French manicures are designed to resemble natural nails, and are characterized by natural pink base nails with white tips. French manicures were one of the first popular and well-known color schemes.

Primers are used on the face before makeup is applied, creating a typically transparent, smooth layer over the top of the skin, allowing for makeup to be applied smoothly and evenly. Some primers may also be tinted, and this tint may match the wearer's skin tone, or may color correct it, using greens, oranges and purples to even out the wearer's skin tone and correct redness, purple shadows or orange discoloration respectively. There are different kinds of cosmetic primers such as foundation primer, eyelid primer, lip primer, and mascara primer.  A foundation primer may work like a moisturizer, or it may absorb oil with salicylic acid to aid in creating a less oily, more matte appearance. Eyelid or eye shadow primers are similar, but made specifically for use near the eyes. An eyelid primer may help even the color of the lid and upper eye area, may reduce oiliness, may add shimmer, or inversely may mattify. Eye primers aid in the smooth application of eye shadow, prevent it from accumulating in eyelid creases, and improve its longevity. Eye shadow primers are applied to the eyelid and lower eye area prior to the application of eye shadow. They even out the skin tone of the eyelids hide eyelid veins, and smooth out the skin of the eyelids. Eye shadow primers help with the application of eye shadows. They intensify the color of the eye shadows and keep them from smearing or creasing by reducing the oiliness of the lids. Some eye shadows even state in the instruction sheet, that they are recommended for usage over the eye shadow primer. There is a real difference in the eye shadow color and time of wear when it is used over the primer on bare skin. Lip primers are intended to smooth the lips and help improve the application of lipstick or lip gloss.  Mascara primer is sometimes colorless. It usually thickens and/or lengthens the lashes before the application of mascara for a fuller finished look. It may also help keep mascara from smudging or flaking, and some claim to improve the health of the lashes.

Rouge, blush, or blusher is a liquid, cream or powder product applied to the center of the cheeks with the intention of adding or enhancing their natural color. Blushers are typically available in shades of pink or warm tan and brown, and may also be used to make the cheekbones appear more defined.

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