Wood / Wooden Button Factory Directory  Trim & Component Directory for Clothing Manufacturers

This directory is for clothes manufacturing companies that are searching for wood button factories to supply wooden buttons for the fashion they are producing.

  A Button Collection: has been the fashion industry's fine wood button source since 1937. Still located in the heart of New York City's garment industry, A Button Source manufactures fine wood buttons, beads, buckles, jewelry and toggles. Address:  260 West 39 Street 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018 Phone (212) 354-7591 Fax (212) 354-8291 Contact: Steve Hoffman, e-mail buttonking@aol.com

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: wood beads
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: casein buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: wood toggles
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: wood buckles
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: wood buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: wood jewelry
  • Trimming

  Aero Enterprises (India): Polyester buttons manufacturer and exporter of sewing buttons, urea buttons, antique wood buttons, coconut shell buttons, teak wood buttons and sewing accessories from India Address:  5198, Sadar Bazar New Delhi 110006 India  Phone:  91-11-3678077  Fax:  91-11-3671063  Email: aeroent@ndb.vsnl.net.in Contact: Naresh Jain

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: polyester buttons manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: laser engraved buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: urea buttons manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: sewing accessories exporter
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: engraved urea buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: antique wood buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: coconut buttons

  Buttonwood Corp.: wood buttons manufactured by Buttonwood Corp. are now available online. Buttonwood  still provides natural and ecologically sound products.  They make various buttons for furniture, interior decoration and clothing.  For questions regarding your wholesale orders, contact Steven Hoffman directly.  For questions relating to design or in-stock availability, contact Steven Hoffman.   Address: 260 West 39 Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018  United States   T 212 354-7591 F 212-354-8291  Email: buttonking@aol.com Contact: Dennis Hoffman

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Wood Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Wood Toggles
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Casein Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Laminated Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Wood Buckles
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Botones de madera

  Buttons-buckles.com by Botonera Lavalle S.A. (Argentina): they manufacture and distribute Metal Buttons and Buckles, Cow Horn Buttons and Buckles as well as polyester, nylon and wood Buttons and Buckles as well as Fashion accessories. At Buttons-buckles.com, the wholesale sale of buttons, the wholesale sale of accessories for the fashion industry, and the exclusive designs cow horn handbags handles, the manufacture of advertising key rings and pins, is their daily duty. They develop custom designs upon request. The cow horn buckles and the cow horn buttons, like also, the accessories and crafts manufactured in cow horn, have an exclusive design obtained thanks to their artisan working way.  They develop cow horn handles for handbags. They have many different designs. Address: Street: Pasteur 468  Buenos Aires Argentina ZIP: C1028AAJ Phone USA: 1-5182-784-146 Argentina: + 54 911 58 30 55 62 Fax + 54 11 49 52 85 93 E-mail info@buttons-buckles.com  Contact: Gabriel Rotzejd

  • Metal Buttons
  • Cow Horn Buttons
  • Polyester Buttons
  • Nylon Buttons
  • Wood Buttons
  • Buckles
  • Handbag Accessories

GANM (INDIA) IMPEX (India): they would like to introduce themselves as manufacturing and exporting company dealing in all types of handcrafted buttons made of natural materials like horn, bone, wood, shell, coconut, glass etc. They have more than 2000 different designs in their range. apart from their designs, they can develop any styles as per customer's specifications or samples.  Address:  K - 1/77, Chittranjan Park New Delhi 110048 India  Phone:  Ph: +91-11-51636462 / 26424627 Fax: +91-11-29213880  Email: ganm@vsnl.com Contact: Gaurav Khurana
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Horn Buttons & Toggles
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Bone Buttons & Toggles
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Wood Buttons & Toggles
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Coconut Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Shell Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Beaded Trimmings
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Loose Beads

  Hon Lung  (Hong Kong): Hon Lung Button Manufacturing Limited is customer oriented, treating every inquiry promptly and is dedicated to inquiry promptly and is dedicated to satisfy customers' needs.  They specialize in garment accessories, wide ranges of button, like shell button, polyester button, natural button, corozo button, shell button coconut button, pearl button, horn button, wooden button metal button, snap button, zipper puller and zipper, YKK zipper, laser processing, rhinestone and iron on production . They will satisfy customers ' design and safety requests for ITS and SGS testing requirement. 

  • Manufacturer of Buttons - Shell Button, Polyester Button, Corozo Button, Coconut Button, Pearl Button, Horn Button, Wood Button, Metal Button.
  • Manufacturer of Zipper & Zipper Pulls
  • Manufacturer of Rhinestones

  Manlifai Button Factory (China): they are natural buttons manufacturer, their product line includes wood, coconut, bamboo, sea shell, real horn, corozo and polyester buttons.  Their factory is situated in China,  Address:  G/F 50 nan cheong street, sham shui po , kowloon HK china  Phone: 011 852 27287563    Fax:  011 852 27255362 Email:   wanlifai@netvigator.com  Contact: mr. Ching

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Horn button
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: sea shell button
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: wood button
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: bamboo button
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: agoya
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: mop
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: polyester button

  Rajeeve Enterprises (India): Established in 1978, they have a long experience in button manufacture and are nominated suppliers to some of the biggest garment manufacturing houses in India. They also export their products to the U.S, Europe and South America. They welcome trade queries and would be glad to offer samples from their product range.  Address: Sadar Bazar New Delhi 110006  IndiaPhone:  91-11-3617383 or 919810166898  Email: rajeeveenterpriises@bol.net.in Contact: Keerti Jain

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Wooden Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Shell Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Horn Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Polyester Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Coconut Shell Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Bone Buttons
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Laser Polyester Buttons

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