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Women's cashmere sweaters are a gorgeous and luxe staple item for any wardrobe. The soft, light fabric is ideal both for layering and keeping warm. From light sleeveless options to longer cashmere cardigan sweaters, there's a cozy knit for every occasion.

A sweater is a knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body.  Intended to cover the torso and the arms.  Obviously, a sweater vest does not cover the arms.  Yet, it is a sweater.

In British English, this type of garment may be called a jumper or jersey.

In the United States, a sweater is either a pullover or a cardigan.  A cardigan opens at the front while pullovers do not.  Within either group, there is a great variety of design. Various necklines are found, although the V-neck, turtleneck and the crew neck are the most popular. The hemline is typically at hip height or slightly longer, just overlapping the waist of one's pants or skirt, but can vary significantly.

Women's Cashmere Sweaters

Sweaters were traditionally made from wool, but can be made from a variety of fibers.  Silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination thereof.  Other fibers are used for sweaters as well.  As you probably are aware, cashmere is a type of wool.  It is wool from a goat (not just any goat but specific goat breeds).  A cashmere goat is a breed of goat that produces cashmere wool.

Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a luxury fiber obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat. The word cashmere is an old spelling of Kashmir, the geographical region of India and Pakistan.

Common usage defines the fiber as wool but it is finer and softer than sheep's wool.  Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool.  It is an excellent choice for a women's cashmere sweater.  A fine sweater made from this type of wool provides a fabulous soft hand.

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