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Women's tights can be worn for dance or simply to look amazing.

What are tights?  In summary, tights are a woman's thin, close-fitting garment, typically made of nylon or other knitted yarn, covering the legs, hips, and bottom.  They are often opaque, sheer, or fishnet in style.

Tights are most commonly worn with a skirt or dress by women or for athletic pursuits such as dance.  In the world of theater tights are also common, especially in Renaissance-era costumes, and dance, particularly in ballet.

The American term pantyhose are essentially tights with sheer legs and opaque panty.

Ladies tights are most often sheathing the body with a tight fit from the waist down to the tips of the toes.

Originally derived from the hose worn by European men several centuries ago, tights were made as close fitting as possible for practical reasons when riding horseback.


Tights get the name from the "tight" fit.

What is the difference between a stocking, nylons and pantyhose?

All of which are tights, here is a brief summary.  When made of fine silk, this hosiery was considered to be a stocking. When nylon fibers were developed and introduced in the 1940s, these stockings were referred to as nylons. When the separate legs were woven together with a panty that covered the lower torso up to the waist in a single, integrated format, the term pantyhose was coined, since it was a one piece construction of a panty with a pair of separate hose, one for each leg.

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