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Zebras are African equines with distinctive black-and-white striped coats. Just in case you were curious an equus is a genus of mammals in the family Equidae, which includes horses, donkeys, and zebras.


Zebra stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. Several theories have been proposed for the function of these stripes, with most evidence supporting them as a form of protection from biting flies.

Clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories can be made with the appearance of zebra stripes.

Zebras' dazzling stripes make them among the most recognizable mammals.  If you wear printed garments with the appearance of this majestic animal possibly you can be dazzling as well.

Why do zebras have stripes?

Many theories.  One theory is called the confusion hypothesis which states that the stripes confuse predators, be it by: making it harder to distinguish individuals in a group as well as determining the number of zebras in a group; making it difficult to determine an individual's outline when the group flees; reducing a predator's ability to follow a target during a chase.  Another theory is the social function hypothesis states that stripes serve a role in intraspecific or individual recognition, social bonding, mutual grooming facilitation, or a signal of fitness.  The fly protection hypothesis holds that the stripes deter biting flies. Horse flies, in particular, spread diseases that are lethal to equines such as African horse sickness, equine influenza, equine infectious anemia and trypanosomiasis. It was found that flies were less likely to land on black-and-white striped surfaces than uniformly colored ones in 1930 by biologist R. Harris.  A 2012 study concurred this and concluded that the stripes reflect contrasting light patterns rather than the uniform patterns these insects use to locate food and water.

Why do women wear zebra stripes?  Good question.  Maybe they simply like the print.

Zebra Print Clothing

Black & white in perfect unity.

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