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Apparel Production Services

Important:  If you wish to contact the Apparel Search Production Department, please read the following message first.

Please do not be offended.  This is simply the reality of business.

Apparel Search is NOT a non-profit company.

We do NOT offer free services in the area of garment production.

Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industryApparel Search receives NUMEROUS e-mails from fashion designers and clothing importers with great ambition.  Unfortunately, ambition is simply NOT enough to be successful in the apparel industry.  If you do not already have a concrete business objective and financing to support your business plan, please do NOT contact our production department.

If you have general questions about production and factory sourcing, but are not truly ready to produce garments, please visit the Fashion Industry Network.  You are welcome to ask your production and sourcing relevant questions on that site.

Although we truly wish for you to succeed, the Apparel Search Production Department is not in business to "educate".  If you are looking for a fashion education or a professor to offer you guidance, please visit the fashion school directory.  We are an apparel sourcing company, not a school.

The Apparel Search Production Department should be your "final destination" and NOT your starting point.  We are a professional garment sourcing company that is in business to "produce" garments and fashion accessories.  If you know exactly what you want, and you are financed accordingly, we can assist you with reaching your goals.

If you are a clothing factory or trim factory, please do NOT contact our production department from the production form.  If you wish to submit your company information, please do so from the Add Your Company form.

If you have read above, and wish to proceed, you can contact our production department.

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.