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Please note that the Apparel Search company does NOT guarantee that the clothing manufacturers listed in this section meet the proper flame retardant standards for clothing.  You must do you own research regarding the quality and capability of all suppliers.  We suggest you work with an independent quality testing lab.  You can learn more in the apparel quality testing directory.

If you are looking for flame retardant clothing factories you have come to the proper place.  Below you will find our flame retardant apparel manufacturers directory.  This is an international apparel guide with listings from various countries.

  Benchmark FR: Benchmark is proud to be different than other flame resistant apparel manufacturers. The backbone of their product line is a unique chemistry and process which allows them to manufacture flame resistant fabric from natural materials as well as Modacrylic and Aramid fibers. The end result is FR clothing that is skin safe, chemically stable and has flame resistant properties that will remain effective for the life of a garment, regardless of the number of wash and wear cycles. Their specialty is making FR clothing that you actually want to wear. Wearing flame resistant PPE is a job requirement for men and women across the country in numerous industries. Most people who wear FR apparel spend more time in their FR garments than any other clothing they own. Their approach to flame resistant protective apparel is simple.  To be innovative, don't be afraid to be different and never compromise on safety or comfort. They are the FR you want to wear.

  Bulwark FR: For more than 40 years, Bulwark, with Red KapĀ® before it, has led the way in market-changing developments. They continue to lead the flame-resistant protective garment market by seeking out, evaluating and implementing innovation in fibers, fabrics, finishes and garment construction.  Bulwark is committed to continuous improvement in garment design and wearer comfort while delivering value to customers and never forgetting that wearer safety must always be the primary concern. Bulwark is a VF Corporation brand.

  Pacific Apparel Inc. Canada In business since 1979, Pacific Apparel is a fabric manufacturer and also a garment sourcing agent providing both apparel fabric and full packaged garment manufacturing to various market segments at a low cost. Pacific Apparel fulfills the needs of manufacturers, importers, designers and retailers alike. They look after every aspect of the supply chain - from initial fabric development to the quality control and logistics of the finished product.  Address: 3871 - 349 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC, Canada Phone: 604-684-5818 Fax:604-688-5364 E-mail: info@pacificapparel.com   Contact: Bernie Herstein / Lyle Herstein

  Saf-Tech: When Saf-Tech started its manufacturing facility, the blending of 25 years of textile sewing technology and safety equipment marketing experience came together to form one of the best Flame-Resistant clothing manufacturers in the country. After 10 years of successful operations, Saf-Tech customers have come to know the service and quality they have set out to provide everyday.

  Qingdao Xinglun Friction & Packing Materials Co. Qingdao General Asbestos Products Factory had been changed the system of state-run enterprise and have already the history of more than 50 years, set up August 17th 2001, is one of the biggest asbestos and non-asbestos products to synthesis manufacture, originally state-owned and large enterprise.   The main products: a series of friction braking lining system, a series of packing for seal system, special fire-fighting clothing system products etc. Braking lining system and special fire-fighting clothing pass the ISO9002 certificate. Year ability of manufacture can amount to 3,000 remaining ton, garment can amount to 30,000 sets. The sale network spread over the whole nation in Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Lanzhou, Chengdou, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Wuyi, the ground established 9 sell subsidiaries, also points of 60 sell nets and have some products export.

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