Crypto Tips Summary - Are you enjoying Digital Currency?
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Are you looking to earn free crypto?  Well, not free if you are earning it.

If you want to purchase Alt Coins (or tokens) by using services such as PancakeSwap, below is one method.

Note: the technology, marketplace platforms, wallets, etc., are constantly changing. 

Below is relevant May 2021.  Utilize below instruction at your own risk.  We are not experts on this, but below method worked May 2021.  Good luck... if you live in the United Stats.

Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Important: the wallet has TWO versions. 

On the chrome extension toward the top center their is drop down to go back & forth between the two wallets.  When moving coins, it is very important to transfer into the proper wallet option.

  1. Binance Chain  (Binance Chain, you use BEP2)
  2. Binance Smart Chain  (Binance Smart Chain, you need to use BEP20)

Now that the "BNB" is in your smart chain wallet, you can use a service such as PancakeSwap to purchase coins/tokens.


After connected, when in the Exchange section on PancakeSwap, you can select the coin that you wish to swap (trade into another coin), and list the amount of that coin you wish to swap.  Then select the currency (coin/token) you would like to own.

Tip: sometimes you may need to round the units to zeros at the end.  When purchasing SafeMoon tokens, I had to round off to a few zeros.

If you are trying to buy and Alt Coin that is not already listed on PancakeSwap.  You may be able to add it.

For ideas of new Alt Coins / Alt Tokens, go to CoinMarketCap new listings, trending, etc.

Again, use all of above at your own risk.  Crypto currency trading is currently rather confusing.  Above is simply a guide based on my experience.  We are not responsible for any errors or difficulties faced.

Don't worry it will get easier in time.

You can use digital currency to purchase fashion NFTs and possibly shop in the fashion metaverse.

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