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The crypto faucets are dripping money.  Drip, drip, drip.  Are you looking for ways to earn extra cash or extra crypto coins?  Learning about crypto currency faucets may be beneficial for you.

What are crypto faucets?  In summary, a crypto faucets is the name given to online sites or apps that allow people to obtain a small amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for simple tasks.  Some of the tasks taking longer than others to complete.  In general, the longer the task the better the reward.  However, that is not always the case.

Small tasks can include watching videos (typically with advertisements), playing online games (typically with ads), visit gambling websites, play games of chance, etc.

Some of the crypto faucets have tasks that take longer than others.  For examples, some may have research surveys that you can complete.  They range from a few minutes to much longer.  Typically the longer the survey, the higher the rewards.

When reviewing coin faucet options, just like with anything else in the crypto space, be very cautious of scams.  It is very challenging to determine which companies are legit and which are not.  Some websites may infect your device with phishing malware, ransomware and spyware.

We are not recommending the following, but listing a few that we have found online just as reference.  You should obviously do your own research.

Cointiply is a coin faucet that we have tried as an experiment.

Some of the Bitcoin faucet sites

Some Ethereum faucit sites

Some Litecoin Faucets

Some ZCash Faucets

Some Monero Faucets

Some Bitcoin Cash Faucets

Some Tron Faucets

Coin faucets are a way to earn cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or other coins or tokens.

Again, we suggest you use caution when visiting crypto websites.  We are NOT recommending any of above but only listing websites that we found by searching the internet.  Utilize any website you visit at your own risk.

Do you consider investing in crypto currency to be gambling?

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