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We strongly suggest that you DON'T gamble.   It is a bad habit, if you can't afford to lose.  If you are filthy rich, go for it.

The concept of gambling is to play games of chance for money or other form of payment.  Betting is the act of gambling money or other form of payment on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event.

It is fair to say that the stock market, lottery tickets, and sneaker collecting for profit are all forms of gambling.

Clothing & footwear has relevance to gambling.

Poker is a family of card games in which players wager over which hand is best according to that specific game's rules in ways similar to these rankings.  The game can be played for fun, but it can also include the art of gambling.  Sometimes the stakes are higher than other times.  Would you rather lose your money or your shirt?

Strip poker is a party game and a variation of the traditional poker where players remove clothing when they lose a round. 

Another example of how clothing & footwear is relevant to the game of gambling would be in regard to limited edition fashion.  Some people purchase limited edition shoes, jeans, dresses, etc., for the purpose of investing.  However, investing has risk.  Or in other words, you would be gambling on the outcome of your investment.  If you purchase a sneaker NFT, you are gambling that the price will increase rather than decrease.  If you purchase a limited edition handbag for the purpose of selling it at a higher price, is that a game of chance?

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Are you good at knowing fashion brand logos?

You don't have to bet, but you are welcome to try our free fashion brand logo game.

Gamblers Anonymous founded in 1957 is an international fellowship of people who have a compulsive gambling problem. They meet regularly to share their "experiences, strength and hope", so they can help each other solve the problems compulsive gambling has created in their lives, and to help others recover from the addiction of compulsive gambling.

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