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For some reason, adults as well as children enjoy playing fashion games.  Personally, I have not yet been hooked on such games.  Typically, I take the fashion industry more serious and don't wish to get mixed up in games...  However, I do agree that video games and board games can be entertaining and relaxing at times. 

Let's be careful to distinguish between two very different types of fashion games.  First, in the fashion industry we on occasion will experience issues with our "suppliers playing games with us".  For example, suppliers will some times do the following annoying things:

1) Playing games with the quality of the garments. For example, saying they are shipping 170 gram solid jersey knit, but really they are shipping a different weight so that they can save some money.

2) Playing games with price quotes.  For example, making a convenient typo on pricing in their favor.

3) Playing games with quoting incorrect delivery schedules... Oh, this is an all time favorite for many clothing suppliers.  How often have you asked your supplier are they on time with delivery?  Don't they almost always say "yes".  Even when they know they will be late...

I really don't like when garment suppliers are playing games with me...

The other type of "playing fashion games" that we will talk about here is regarding fashion video games or fashion board games.  On the internet or at a game store, you may find fashion dress up games, fashion design games, fashion show games, celebrity fashion games, Barbie games (she is relevant to fashion), makeover games, etc.  Below are a few fashion games you may wish to check out if you have interest in playing around.

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You may also want to try the following searching for more fashion game options.

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You may be asking yourself, "why doesn't Apparel Search have a fashion video game?".  Well that is a good question.  Maybe we have one under development.  Or possibly, we have one already and you just have not found it yet.  Or possibly, a fashion game will be launched by us very soon...

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You probably already know this, but fashion apps also have fashion games available.

You can discussion fashion relevant issues at the Fashion Industry Network.

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If you witness a fashion disaster, you may wish to call the fashion police.


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