Picks Per Inch of Woven fabric
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Picks per inch/inch (or p.p.i.) is the number of weft threads per inch of woven fabric.

A pick is a single weft thread, hence the term. In general, the higher the picks per inch, the finer the fabric is.

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In weaving, the weft (sometimes "woof" which is nothing to do with a dogs bark) is the thread or yarn which is drawn through, inserted over-and-under, the lengthwise warp yarns that are held in tension on a frame or loom to create cloth. The weft is threaded through the warp using a "shuttle", air jets or "rapier grippers".   A single thread of the weft, crossing the warp, is called a pick. Terms do vary (for instance, in North America, the weft is sometimes referred to as the fill or the filling yarn).  Each individual warp thread in a fabric is called a warp end or end.  You may also want to learn about ends per inch which is regarding the warp yarn. The warp is the lengthwise or longitudinal thread in a roll, while weft is the transverse thread.